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Christina summer 2019 update

It’s me Christina and I am back for holiday from the university. I am studying Human Resource Management because I want to become a Human Resource Manager. I am studying at Mzumbe University in the Mbeya region. 

In order for me to study Human Resource Management I had to take a course: PUB (in general, known as the core subjects) which are office management, training and development, supervisor and leadership and leadership style. I had to take other subjects as well such as Account, labour laws, communication skills, business mathematics and customer services. My favorite subject are the core subjects that means PUB.

In my first semester, I got a B in Elements of Accounting and Financial Management, B in Communication Skills In Management, B+ in Supervisory Skills and Leadership Skills, B+ in Elementary Mathematics and Statistics. In my second semester, I got an A in Introduction to Customer Services Management, A in Labour Law and Labour Relation, A in Organizational Behavior, B+ in Human Resource Training and Development and an A in Office Procedures and Records Management. This led to a GPA of 4.3 for my first year.

Through the year that I had while studying, I have learned a lot of things such as how to handle a customer, how to lead people, how to become the best manager at a certain company.

At the moment, I am on holiday, but I will continue with my diploma in Human Resource Management from October at the same university. I dream of always doing my best and make a difference in my life and in other people’s lives like Make A Difference has made a lot of difference in mine. Therefore, I do prayers, study hard and the rest I leave to God.

                 Thank you so much, 

                                                      Love, Christina


Edward summer 2019 update


Hello everyone,

I am on holiday from college at the moment, as I have completed my first year. I will be going back shortly to start my second year.

I study economics at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Morogoro. I am really very happy for your support. Your support has been very helpful to me since I was young and until now where I am in college. I want to get my bachelor in economics because I would like to become a manager in the business field, as I enjoy conducting business.

I have spent my holiday doing work at the MAD office with Janeth, as well as spending time with my grandmother at the village.

Thank you everyone for supporting me.


Stanley summer 2019 update


Hello everybody!

I hope that this finds you well. I am doing well and currently I am on vacation till October.

I am studying common law and I have completed my certificate in law. Soon in mid-October I will start talking my diploma in law courses. In the previous course, I liked every course as they all accounted to my career. My favourite courses were criminal law, civil law and human rights.

Through the certificate in law studies I had an introduction to common law and practice. I was also introduced to the skills of drafting legal documents in courts of law. The theoretical classes were well underlined through the field attachments. I was attached to the Moshi District Court and later had a week of experience at the Moshi town Primary Court. The field attachment was more practical knowledge than theory. At the end of the field attachment I had to write a well composed project essay. This was a report on what transpired during field attachment in connection with the theoretical classes I had at the University.

At the moment, I am lodging applications to various Universities for Diploma Courses. I have successfully lodged an application for Diploma in law course at Mzumbe University in Mbeya Campus. I am also having various medical check-up because I had medical issues when I was at the university. Apart from the application and the medical check-up that I am attending, I also help my grandparents with home chores and farm work at the village.

My recent favourite moment was on the 10th of August when the final Certificate in Law results were out and I had the Highest GPA of 4.5 of all the student and from the result I had the best certificate project essay with 91 scores. That is the recent favourite moment as it has a very crucial impact in my life. First it is from the best result that will enable me to qualify to go for Diploma studies in other universities or in the same university but at a different campus. Another great impact is that I will attend the university’s November awards for the best students. During the graduation ceremony I will receive the award for leading GPA and for the best certificate in law project essay.

Even though I am on holiday, there is no free time in the village unless one is lazy enough to create it. I spend all the time that I have on home chores and farm work routine. Some home chores include, cleaning the house, fetching water, preparing firewood, and helping with cooking. The farm work includes taking care of the animals (pigs, cows, goats and chickens) by feeding them and cleaning where they stay. Other works related to farming are adding animal manure to banana plants, taking care of the coffee plants and cultivating the farm.

I would like to thank every member of Make A Difference Now Organization for making a great difference in my life. This includes everyone who is reading this right now and would like to join the efforts to make a difference in millions of people’s lives through education. I believe that through helping me reach goals by obtaining a better education, I can make a difference in other people’s lives just as I experienced the difference through the support of other people.

By being a good lawyer I can help the oppressed who do not know about their rights. It can also be a nice ground for me to become a great politician. Being the best politician, I can make policies that will help to overcome the African challenges such as education, disease and ignorance, misuse of resources and many factors that will help to eradicate poverty.

It is my hope that everyone who reads this would like to support me to reach my dreams and join the efforts of making a difference in people’s lives. May good Lord God bless and protect you and your family, may he grant you long life on Earth and the promises of Heaven.


Stanley (Mwenda)

Esther, Uncategorized

Starting a new chapter as a student at University of Edinburgh.


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing good. I am doing well.

I am writing to give my gratitude to you for your support during my high school life when I was studying International Baccalaureate (IB) at International School Moshi. It was quite a journey full of lessons, challenges and fun. From my high school studies, I gained new perspectives in life which improved my values. I learned new skills such as swimming, debating and playing tennis. For that and much more, I am thankful.

Now I am moving on to a new chapter, a new university in a new country. After I graduated high school, I applied to University of Edinburgh and I got accepted on a full scholarship from The MasterCard Foundation. I am so happy and grateful for the given chance to study Business with Enterprise and Innovation in the University of Edinburgh. Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream. My country, Tanzania, is full of potentials and as a citizen, I look forward exploring the potentials we have for the development of our nation. So, by studying Business with Enterprise and Innovation, I believe I can reach my goal.

University of Edinburgh provides the students with a nice environment to study in. Having to study in such a peaceful and diverse environment gets me excited. I look forward to explore my course and the universities resources, so I can increase my knowledge, skills and my values as a person.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

God bless you always.


Esther Mndeme.


Mary’s national exam results and future plans

Hello Everyone,

It is so nice writing again this blog. I graduated from high school on the 5th of May 2019. I started doing my national exam for two weeks from the 2nd to 14th of May. The first week was the theoretical part and the other was practical.

The results for the national exam were announced on the 11th of July. I thank God that I got good grades: Chemistry B, Biology C, Physics C. I got
division 1.8. On the 15th of July, I started applications for universities. I applied for three universities that is KCMC in Moshi, Bugando in Mwanza and also UDOM in Dodoma. They are all in Tanzania. I would like to go to KCMC where some of the MAD kids study, Subirah, Benny, Shabani, Exuper and Innocent.

I applied for Medical Doctor. I will hopefully be joining in October. It will take 5 years to become a Medical Doctor and one more year of internships. Then two years to specialize in becoming an Orthopaedic doctor.

Thank you very much for your support. May God bless you always.


Love, Mary

Volunteers of MAD

Reflections from a Family Volunteering Together in Africa



We end our time in Africa in Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean coast. We have been talking to our children over the past few days to hear what their reflections have been from this experience. We thought you might like to hear their thoughts. Here is what they had to say:

The problems we are often facing many days are not nearly as difficult as the ones many of the friends we have made in Africa have faced.      

– Grace

We see a happiness amongst many people here, despite the lack of material goods. 

The world is so much bigger than the U.S.   

– Sean

We watched CNN International the other day and a number of U.S. politicians were calling each other names. This all seems so insignificant in light of the events of the world – poverty, infrastructure collapses, global economic trade issues, etc . We’ve been able to watch international news while here which lets us learn about and see the events that are taking place around the world.


I know we have been so fortunate to be blessed to be able to come on this trip. I’m thankful to God for allowing this trip to happen. It’s been a prayer for many years that we would be able to return to Africa and show our children what life is like in a place so different from where they live. We wanted to shape them into the people we hope they will be- ready to see the needs of others and ready to understand a broader worldview than simply what they see in front of them. We also wanted them to see the wildlife that’s here, because that is simply quite awesome! Thank you to those who have walked alongside of us, prayed for our safety and supported the work of Make A Difference Now at the beginning of our trip through your donations of books, shoes, underwear and school supplies. Please pray that we will remember the lessons we have learned going forward.


MAD & SFDC Volunteering

Experience and Insights from Volunteering in Tanzania – Leslie Prevish

In four decades of life, I’ve been fortunate to visit many countries and learn first-hand about other cultures. When I arrived in Tanzania last September, I wondered what effect volunteering would have on myself and others here in Tanzania. As I finish up my five months, I know the experiences I’ve gained will help me both personally, and professionally. I’ve outlined some popular questions, and the answers and clarity I now have…

 Will you come back the same person?

Living in the moment here is a necessity. I’ve learned you also need to be flexible and understand that change happens on a whole different timeline. I think I’ve become more tolerant of situations I have no control over, such as electricity, water, internet and the laid-back “Tanzanian time”!

My time in Tanzania has made me appreciate the basics in life, sift through my “needs vs. wants,” and appreciate simple beauty. Each day more colored flowers appear on the trees here…purple, blue, orange and now yellow. It’s winter back home in Pennsylvania. I am grinning as I think about how sparkly, yet serene, the evergreens will be the morning after a snowfall. I can’t wait to make snow angels with my niece and nephew!

What will you miss most?

As I am packing to return to the States, I keep shedding tears on what—and WHO—I’ll miss. The children at the orphanage are such characters! It was energizing to watch their young eyes light up as they learned to ride horses. I did a Kilimanjaro fundraising climb and my friends and family donated $7200, which will provide sport and health programs for the entire year! When I saw photos of the children’s desperate situations before MAD, I realized how life-changing this organization really is, and how much I want to help improve their lives.

I’ll also miss…Theresa, who I truly admire and am blessed to call a friend…Pina at the MAD Guest House, singing and smiling all day long (her chapatti is delicious!)…and the strong community here, available 24/7, to lean on for support. They have been so welcoming to open their doors for holiday dinners and inspiring conversations.

What will you do when you come back?

I’m excited to start the next phase of my life, filled to the brim with experiences and ideas. As I start my business as a marketing consultant, I know I’ll be working with people of different backgrounds. My Tanzanian time has shown me how to celebrate differences and use them as an opportunity to foster new ideas. Also, nothing goes to waste here. After five months of conserving resources, I should be able to do more with limited time and money, which will help me and my clients!

Would you encourage others to do it?

YES! I’ve learned so much I wish I had done it sooner! I remember an interview a few years ago when I was asked, “describe a time when you had a challenge with someone and how you improved communications.”

Five months in Tanzania has stressed the importance of respectful and clear communication. You can’t assume someone understand you, it’s important to ask for clarify and keep an eye out for non-verbal cues. This has proved helpful for communicating with locals, as well as expats from many nations.

I’d also encourage people to come for the unique experiences, like the safari tours, where elephants and zebras pass within feet of your vehicle! The waterfalls, Chagga caves and coffee tour are must-sees as well. And I’d tell them to make sure to get to the Indian Ocean to watch the waves roll in while writing memories in a journal about the amazing experiences.