Juma Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone!! 

It is my hope that you are doing well. I am also doing well.

I am on a holiday due to the outbreak of the coronavirus that started in march and the schools here in Tanzania were closed.

During this holiday, I have been doing many things, some of which are; helping my grandmother with cultivation activity, doing revision on what I have been studying at school and I providing education to my fellow villagers. The number of families I have educated is approximately five.

Before the “holiday” I was studying organic chemistry in chemistry, waves in physics and excretion and osmoregulation in biology. I was about to finish my twelfth grade in June 2020.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me with my education and living expenses when I am at school and during my Covid-19 “holiday”.

May God bless you all, 




Stanley Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone!

I hope that you are protected by God and you are doing well and taking precautions. 

For the last three months, before the COVID outbreak, I had learnt a lot at the University. It was in the first semester of my Diploma in Law studies. The studies were common with new level topics. Legal communication was new, however, it was not very challenging. I had five subjects in total, that included, Legal method 1, Communication skills, Law of contract and law of Evidence 1. 

Now, I am still in my COVID-19 “holiday” and hope to get back to University on the 1st  of June, 2020 or sooner. Here at the village I have been busy helping my grandparents with farm work. I have also spent some time educating them and the neighbors together with other villagers about the Coronavirus. In that way I share the education I have about the virus and help them to know how to protect themselves and how to protect others. So far I have educated over 20 families about the coronavirus here in the village. It should be noted that the nature of families here is extended families. 

We have had a number of challenges in getting water. We had to go downhill and uphill to get stream water which is not clean. Such water is muddy and one has to distil or wait for it to settle so that it can be used. Currently the streams are highly contaminated due to increased pollution and the tarmac road streams which direct dirty rainwater into the rivers. Having the tap water is of great significance as such water is treated  before  being served to the customers. Also it is very clean and not contaminated compared to the stream water. 

Being able to get tap water has significant benefits to our lives. Water is very important to us as it is the major weapon to fight the Coronavirus. I can’t imagine how difficult it could be without having access to clean water. The water is very useful at the moment. We use it to wash our hands as a prevention against the virus. Drinking water is also important as we need water to survive. Other significant uses of the water include washing, cooking and feeding the livestocks. It can be witnessed that water is life. That is to say it has enhanced our lives to a great extent. 

I can’t thank you enough for the significant difference that you have made and you are still making in my life, especially during this difficult moment. I feel very lucky to have your support in fulfilling my academic and career goal. I can’t stop saying thank you for the love and kindness you show along my journey to success. You have really been a light in my life. Thank you for supporting my education and ensuring that I have the basic needs such as  food, water, good health, and all that is necessary for life.

My prayers go out to you during this difficult time. I pray  for you and your family and everyone who is donating to help us. May almighty God bless and protect you all. May he save you  from all the evils. May He make you great in all and grant you all your wishes. May he grant you a long life on Earth and the promises of heaven. May He remember the kindness and love you have shown us and never let you go without. For our Lord God is great I believe that we will  get through this together. 

I love you all.




Subira Coronavirus Update

Hello Everyone, 

How is everything going over there? 

I am doing fine. I am still working as a nurse volunteer in Kilimanjaro Christian Medical hospital (KCMC) and it’s my seventh month working here. On the 12th of June 2020, I will sit for my licence examination. The licence will allow me to work as a nurse in any country. Currently, we are in the process of applying for universities for me to further my studies. I would like to take a bachelor in anaesthesia. Mama Theresa and Dada Janeth are helping me with the application process.

I am still taking care of myself from covid 19 so I can be safe and not get the virus.. 

Thanks for always supporting us 




Peter Coronavirus Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe, I am also safe and I am still praying for you to stay safe. Today I am happy to share with you guys about how I spent my COVID 19 holiday.

Firstly, I would like to thank MAD for the Computer course at Marangu. I learnt different things on how to use a computer, by being able to type on a computer and also how to operate different kinds of programs. When I finished  my computer course, I went back to my village to stay with my uncle. We did different activities such as farming, and other different social activities. I stayed for several weeks at the village until the rise of COVID-19.

Kindly MAD supported me to stay at the MAD guest house, so that I could stay away from the COVID 19 pandemic. In the first two weeks, everyone was obligated to self quarantine and stay in this or her room. I have been staying at the guest house with three other students, so Mary and Upendo stayed in one room and Innocent and myself stayed in another. Not only did we have to stay in the room, but also follow all other procedures to be safe from the virus, such as washing our hands and maintaining social distancing. 

Finally, after the first two weeks, we were able to do some different activities within the MAD guest house compound, such as reading novels, studying and physical exercises. 

All in all, I would like to pass my thanks to MAD and all sponsors for taking care of us during the COVID-19 “holiday”. Also, I would like to thank Flora for the meals which she prepared for us during this time as well as thank Janeth for giving us all the precautions on how to stay safe. Lastly, I would like to thank Mama Theresa for the great care in all aspects. 

May God bless you all and protect you wherever you go. Thank you very much. 

I love you all and always remember to stay safe. 

Love from, 



Upendo Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone,

I’m Upendo. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I am currently on holiday due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and I am staying in the MAD guest house with Mary, Innocent and Peter. The coronavirus “holiday” started on the 18th of March and we will be going back to universities on the 1st of June. 

When the coronavirus outbreak happened, I was in Dar es salaam studying, which was not a good place to stay because most of the coronavirus cases were in Dar es salaam. Therefore, Mama Theresa told me to travel from Dar es salaam to Moshi and to stay at the guest house. And I could therefore self isolate and be away from a huge population that could lead me to get COVID-19. Whilst being at the guest house I am washing my hands frequently, spraying them with sanitizer and making the environment around me clean. Also whilst being at the guest house I have been provided with healthy foods filled with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to Mama Theresa and other donors we have been provided with food, masks, gloves, sanitizers as well as water supply to our villages. This helps the ones who are close to us get access to clean water. 

Our president announced that on the 1st of June, universities will be opening. I am grateful that I am still healthy and I am excited to go back to study in college in Dar es salaam and to make my performance great. 

I hope everyone is safe and taking precautions to get rid of COVID-19 by managing to clean their home area and maintaining social distance to each other. 

I love you all, 



Mary Coronavirus Update

Hi Everyone!!!

It was on the 18th of March when all schools including universities in Tanzania needed to be closed due to this dangerous disease outbreak. Sadly there were only two weeks remaining before my end of semester 1 examination. The second day after the schools were closed I went to my village. 

For the first week I stayed in the village, I did the youth task force as it was indicated by the founder of Make A Difference Now Organization. I and other MAD students (Stanley, Omega and Christina) participated in the Youth Task Force as a group. We managed to educate a member from 5 families on COVID-19 and prevention methods whilst practicing social distancing.

I and other MAD students (Upendo, Peter and Innocent) were later given a chance to stay at the MAD guest house. In the village there is no conducive environment for me to study. Mama Theresa provided me with the internet that facilitated my online learning. The MAD organization provided me with a proper balanced diet, gloves, sanitizer and masks that would help prevent me from getting coronavirus. I wash as well as sanitize my hands every time before I touch anything. 

During my holiday I made some videos showing how to wash hands for at least 20 seconds while singing happy birthday as well as showing how banana stew (which is my favorite food) is made.

On the 17th of this month our president announced that all 13th grade and universities would open on 1st June. I am excited to go back to school again.

I hope everyone is taking precautions and good care to prevent getting the COVID-19.  We all hope that this will come to an end by Lord’s Mercy. Stay home and be safe. We love you all,

Love from,



Omega Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone

I hope that everything is going alright with you all. I thank you God for giving us good health up to date. And I thank you mama Theresa for taking good care of us by getting support from you all so that we are able to protect ourselves from coronavirus (covid 19).

Before the covid -19 pandemic, I had six subjects at the university, which were Mathematics, procurement, cost accounting, auditing, financial accounting and financial systems. My grades were B+ and B.

After the outbreak of covid -19 all over the world, the schools and universities were locked down and we had to stay home which shocked me and I thought that there would be no more schooling and my dreams were going to fail. I was worried about that but I thank Almighty God that the coronavirus (covid 19) has been reduced in our country and by June 1st 2020 we are going back to university. I am so happy that the universities will open again so that my dreams can be fulfilled at the right time.

During the outbreak of covid -19 I educated ten families which I have been proud of

because they were so serious about listening to me and able to take the precautions that I was telling them to take and also what was announced on the radio and television. Although we tried to educate them and everyone tried to take precautions in order to prevent the spread, I faced different challenges such as shortage of water, sanitizers, washing soap and towels. 

The problem was solved by mama Theresa through providing us with the things that we did not have in order to protect ourselves from covid -19. This was done by the donations

that you donated to her.

Thank you very much for your support by providing us with food and PPE during the outbreak of coronavirus and thank you very much for supporting me with my education. Without you I could be nothing in this world today, but because of you I am going to be the mirror of the world.

Love you all!!!!

Omega urassa.


Neema’s Update 2019

Hello everyone,

It has been long without updating my blog. I have recently finished my studies of finance and my graduation will be in November from the university of Dar es salaam. I would be very happy to accomplish my dreams of becoming a financial manager. The three years of studying were a bit challenging but I am thanking God for helping me towards accomplishing my dreams.

The most recent courses that I have undertaken at university were International Business Finance, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, Business Planning, Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management. My favorite course was Business Planning, which is also the course I performed the best in. My other favorite was Field Practical with Research Component. 

Throughout my studies, I have learned how to create a business, how to market a business and how to run a business. As my professor told me, we are in university to become the employer and not the employee. A big part of this is how to manage your money and how to utilize it, which is why I enjoyed focusing on finance.    

Thank you everyone for your support. For without your support I would not be who am right now. May God bless you always.

I would like to say thank you for helping me through my educational journey. There were challenges but I thank you God for helping me get through these.

Thank you all

I love you,



Juma’s Update 2019

Hi everyone, 

It is my hope that you are all fine. I am fine and doing well. I am now on holiday for about two weeks from school. 

I am at advanced level (high school) at Bendel Memorial Secondary School, where I study science subjects which are physics, chemistry and biology and general subjects like basic applied mathematics and general studies. The school is not so far from where I live so it only takes me an hour and a half to reach there. My favorite subjects are physics and biology since they are the most interesting and the most applicable in our daily life. They are also the subjects that I perform the best in.  

During my studies, we have learned a lot. For example, in physics we have finished mechanics One and learned about dimensions, Newton’s laws of motions etc. In chemistry we have learned about the atomic structure and we are now learning about the states of matter: solids, liquids and gasses. In biology we have learned about cytology, biochemistry, classification and homeostasis and we are now learning about excretion and regulation process in living organisms. 

Due to the science subjects that I take, I will be able to go to college for further studies to become a doctor. The college that I wish to go to after I graduate from my advanced level in 2021 is KCMC. 

In my holiday, I am doing revision on what I have been studying at school and trying to study beyond what the teachers have been teaching in order to make it easier for more revisions at school. I also help my grandmother on harvesting maize and I help my relatives and friends with their studies because they are going for their national exams. 

I would like to thank Make A Difference Now for shining light on my life by supporting me with everything that I need. 

May the almighty God bless you all. 

Love from, 



Jackie’s Update 2019

Hi everyone. 

My name is Jackie. It is my hope that you are doing well. I am doing well too. Thank you very much for continuing to support me with my education. I am now in my third year of nursing at Hubert Kairuki which is located in Dar es Salaam. This will be my last year in college and my graduation will be next year – December 2020. I am so excited that I am going to complete college. 

I have learned a lot from my course. In the last semester, which ended in September, I learned how to care for the general patient (like patients with Malaria, Fever, Hypertension etc.). That is what we call general nursing and I have also learned Midwifery, which is dealing with pregnant women. I am now able to take care of a pregnant woman and deliver babies. I am so proud of that. 

I would like to use my studies for helping those around me and also to help my community with helping to take care of pregnant women and deliver babies since I can do it very well after practicing it so many times. 

Thank you all very much for supporting me with my education and may God bless you.