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Subirah’s term 3 grades are in. “Here is our grading scale by the way: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F”



My Birthday’s Coming Up! 🙂

This is my holiday from my new secondary school that is mother Theresa of Calcuta girl secondary school. The school is very good and the teacher are also very good at teaching. I am working hard so that I can pass my examination and reach my goals. Our school has two holidays I am going back to school on July 12th, and we will close school again in December for another holiday. I am happy because my birthday will be at home so I will enjoy it but I also enjoy school because of friends. I have many friends and they’re good and kind.




We (Courtney, Theresa, Neema, Omega, Christina & Kunda) went to visit Jackie & Subira at their school in Same today! They are loving it. Their next break is coming up soon, the end of May! We dropped off some things to get them through the next month:

  • 5 rolls of toilet paper
  • Complete Secondary School Basic Math text book & English text book (to share)
  • Umbrella
  • 4 Exercise Books
  • Flashlight (to share for now, because we forgot to grab the other one!)
  • Body Soap & Laundry Soap
  • Maxi pads
  • 4 Notebooks (counter books)
  • Wet wipes (to share)
  • 2 pairs of socks
Jackie, Theresa & Subira

Jackie, Theresa & Subira











Hey guys I have finished my form two national exams, i hope to pass well after which i will join the next class early next year. I am enjoying my holidays very much and i will be back in my village next week to spend some time with my grandparents. I am happy because i will help them out with cooking, cleaning e.t.c I am happy because i have just graduated from the life plan program. It has really change my life, now i know more about my values, strength s and about what carrier to choose in life. Life Plan Below are my exam results for term one at school for the year 2013. Results for the second term are yet to come out. (see more recent post)

6/7/2013 My name is Subira, but I like to spell my name with an “h” like,  “Subirah”!  I attend Mairiva Secondary School in Arusha.  It’s a good school. The school has closed for five weeks and will open again on July 8th. We have five weeks to spend with my family and friends.  It’s so interesting to be out of school because most of the time I am in school rather than at home (orphanage) from January to June. We also have around seven weeks to spend at home and from July to December we have around eight weeks to spend at home. It has been a long time since I have seen my friends and my family! I am now at home for a holiday for 5 weeks. During this holiday I plan to study, help Mama Theresa, spend time at my village with my grandparents and also spend time at the orphanage. Before going to see my grandparents I need to help the house mother at the orphanage with cooking, cleaning and other things which are helpful. My favorite class right now is Chemistry. I want to eventually be an engineer one day! 4/9/2013 Subira just came home from boarding school for the Easter holidays. It was wonderful to see her. She just transferred to a new secondary school that will provide her with a better education. She is already seeing the differences and excelling! While she was home, Subira helped out a lot. She helped reorganize the library at the orphanage. She also is a great leader. We had some volunteers join us. She helped lead a lot of the activities including teaching how to carry a bucket of water on your head. Subira really shines!

Subira teaching everyone how to carry a bucket. She filled it all the way up!

Subira teaching everyone how to carry a bucket. She filled it all the way up!

Subira in her new dress made my ladies in Ketchum, ID!

Subira in her new dress made my ladies in Ketchum, ID!




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