Bennie’s Update 2019

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Bennie’s Blog (Summer 2019)

Hi guys,

In November 2017 I graduated secondary school education (ordinary level education in Tanzania). After there I completed a computer course with the help of the MAD organization for first three month of my long Holliday.  The month after this I went to a high school in Arusha called winning spirit, but MAD recognized that this was not a very good school. For that reason Theresa didn’t want me to go on with the school so she gave me the option to choose another school, but I was too late to get a nice high school and so I chose to go to college for pharmacy because I really enjoy pharmacy.

I am currently attending Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, although I looked at a lot of pharmacy schools to attend, Kilimanjaro seemed like the best fit. I started my classes in October 2018 and I love it so much. First semester I had seven classes and it was very hard for me since I was just on my holiday and my brain was not working hard all the time. There were lots of assignments that I had to work on at all hours of the day. My favorite class was anatomy and pharmaceutical calculation. I got really good grades my first semester and I was very happy about it.

At school, I like playing and listening to music in my free time. My favorite sports are soccer(football). At the end of this past semester I had a small internship where I went to a fieldwork practical at KCMC. I worked as a pharmacist and I wrote a report to show my school. In school, I made some new friends as well.


Omega’s Update 2019

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Hi everybody,

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. I am on holiday from March 15th to August 12th.

Since April, I have been involved with a volunteer activity in Moshi municipal on accounting. This gives me a lot more practice with accounting, which makes me really excited for the future and my career.

For these four months before I go back to University, I am staying with my sister because she is close to where I am volunteering. It is also much cheaper for me to commute from her house rather than commuting from my home village.

I have really been enjoying the University because I know it is taking me one step closer to my dreams and goals.

On June 23rd this year Mama Theresa, Subirah, Mary, Christopher, Eliona, and I went to Arusha national park for a day trip and we saw a lot of animals like zebras, giraffes, and baboons. We also got an up close view to Mount Meru. We had so much fun on the safari and seeing the mountain and I am so thankful for how great the experience was.


Innocent’s Update 2019

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Hi everyone!

In November 2017 I graduated secondary school education (ordinary level). During my holiday I took a computer course with the help of MAD for the first three months of my holiday. During my computer course I learned Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point. The course was really nice and I am grateful for it.

The next four months I went to preform 5. During the holiday from preform 5 I was at the village helping my grandparents with home activities, but I was still bored so I talked with my relative to find for me something to keep me busy but nothing happened at that time. I was praying and searching for something keep me busy and then that month a friend of my parents from the past came and she talked to me and helped me with my driving fees so I completed my driving course.

Then I went to Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, although I considered a lot of colleges with science courses. I started my classes there in October 2018. During college I use a lot of Microsoft Word for different activities. My favorite class was diseases and dispensing, which was very helpful to prepare for field activities. I am about to finish my first year of 3 years of pharmacy school.

Other activities I like to do are jogging and watching action movies. I also have friends and we study together. I also have two brothers and one sister, my brother Jonas is studying to be a tour guide.

Thank you everyone!

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Mary’s Update 2019

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Hello Everyone,
It has been a very long time since I’ve written on my blog. Last year was very busy for me and this year has been as well. In 2017 I joined a High School called St Mary Goreti which is near the guest house in Moshi. I took three main classes that are Physics, Chemistry and Biology and some additional classes were Basic Applied Mathematics and General Studies. This year in May I finally did my national examination. The results will be announced in this month. I Hope I will do well.
When the results are announced then the applications for joining university will begin. I planning to apply the University of KCMC; it’s a medical college. I will be joining the University in September. I want to be a Doctor.
Thank you so much for your support. May God bless you always.


Upendo’s Update 2019

Two years ago, Upendo attended Mother Teresa boarding school in the Same Region. She made good grades, excelling in English and Biology with a special interest in Geography. Upendo continues to excel in her studies, earning A and B grades.

On a typical day, Upendo wakes at 4 am to get ready for mass. After mass, she and her fellow students clean the school until 7, when they break for their first meal. After that, she attends her classes until 3:20pm.

One particular project that Upendo found exciting was a project for transportation including railways and roads. Interviewing engineers, she learned the importance of and impacts of improving transportation infrastructure.

Make a Difference has helped Upendo by supplying school supplies, paying school fees, teaching her how to write a resume, and apply for jobs.

Upendo dreams of one day becoming a nurse. When she was a little girl, she saw many sick people who did not have access to medical care. This has driven her to succeed in her schooling so that she can one day help people who may not have access to medical care otherwise.


Eliona’s Update 2019

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Hi Guys,

How are you doing? This is my blog talking about after my graduation. I had a nice long holiday. I love staying with my family and other relatives during this time. I help them work in their gardens. The results came out for the national exam in the beginning of March. With these results I decided to apply to Ushirika, a school for people who want to be accountants ( it’s on your left hand side when coming from KCMC). When I went to Ushirika, I enjoyed the environment with the pretty flowers and green wet gardens and high buildings. While on my visit I saw different lecture halls and luckily I met one of the lecturers who will be teaching me in September, which is the month I will be starting my first year in college. Another thing that I did over my holiday was a trip visiting my friend and I went with him to Arusha hotel. At the hotel we swam and ate lunch and it was a lot of fun. I was there for about three to four days and then I came back to Moshi town. After that, I got a chance to visit the Kenya border with one of my friends and it was so exciting. At the Kenya border was a small lake with a lot of crocodiles.


Christopher’s Update 2019

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Hello Guys,

How are you doing? I am well since my last blog last year in October. It was my ordinary level graduation at Royal Secondary. I celebrated it with my friends at the school. My mom and my sister came to school during graduation day. We all enjoyed it. Also on the next day after graduation, one of the MAD volunteers took us to the swimming pool to swim. I really liked that day.

After few weeks from graduation day, I started my national examination. I tested for one week and two days during the examination season. I was really busy studying with my classmates!

In the last day of my exams I was happy, because I had finished exams. I went back home but I was very sad that I left my friends at school.

During my holiday at home, I was thinking a lot about the exam results. I also had fun playing football with my friends, spending time with my family and taking care of my nephew. Make a Difference sent me to computer school for three weeks. I was very interested in that. Before I finished the computer program, the form four results were out! I earned division two that allowed me to continue to high school. But I decided to apply for college instead. I applied to Mosh Coparative University at Moshi which focuses on accounting. I will join in September. I’m still on my holiday. I travelled to Singida to look after my Grandmother. After that, I finished my computer studies at Moshi Community Center and came back.

Now I’m still on my holidays and enjoying working with Make A Difference Now.