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I am now on holidays. I have just done my annual examinations (for the end of this year). The exams were generally ok with some being a bit difficult. I keep praying so that I perform well in my studies and have a good and peaceful life every day.

I went to ISM (International School Moshi) where I got to play and have fun with everyone from the orphanage and friends from ISM. This is the school where Revo goes.

Just like everyone else at the orphanage, I will go to my village in a day and this is where I will get to spend time with my aunt – I will keep her company and help her with home chores.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015.

Love you!




On September 14th my school closed for a holiday. We’re on our midterm break for one week! I will be at the orphanage until September 23th. During my holiday time I will spend time with mama Theresa and other kids at the orphanage who completed  seventh grade.

Recently we had volunteers from the Salesforce Foundation who came to visit us at our orphanage. We played cards with them and they taught us how to use an iPad.  In the picture above you can see Madam Lori teaching us about the iPad. I am trying to see around her shoulder while Christopher and Gift listen!  It was my first time to hold and use an iPad!  I enjoyed using it.  It is something  new to me  because in school we use desktop computers and not iPads. Subjects that are difficult for me are mathematics, Kiswahili and physics, though  I am still working hard to get good grades.


My grades for Term 1 2014 at Anwarite Girls’ Secondary School. Here is our grading scale: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F

PHYSICS 59  95  14
CHEMISTRY 66  95  3
BIOLOGY 50  99  11
MATH 54  89 14
ENGLISH 59  93  9
HISTORY 73  88  5
CIVICS 73  90  9
GEOGRAPHY 76  91  8
SWAHILI 69  79  13
COMPUTER 90  65   1
6/40  3/43



My holiday break is already over! It went by fast, but I had fun. Mama Theresa & I did some shopping to get me ready to go back to school.

Thank you for

  • 1 pair of sandals
  • Storage box for pencils & a graph pad
  • pads, body wash, toothpaste & 2 toothbrushes
  • 1 t-shirt, 1 bra, 2 pairs of underwear, & 5 pairs of socks
  • Laundry soap
  • 1 School shirt
  • 15,000 Tsch. for school development fee



I am now on holiday for one week to celebrate Easter. My schoolwork is going well but some of the subjects are becoming difficult especially mathematics and physics. I have to strongly work on these subjects so as to achieve my goal score. I am so happy to spend time with mama Theresa during my holiday and with the other children during my Easter holiday. I will be able to help the other children in their homework and in their studies.

I love you all. Have a nice Easter day full of Gods grace.


Hello Everyone!

I am now on holiday back at home. I did my national exams for the 9th grade (form two), on the month of October. The results will be on January 2014. I hope the results will be good. During my holiday I will go to my village to visit my relatives especially my aunt and uncle. I will help them in various activities such as cooking,farming,washing and other chores.

Check our my exam results from school for term one, for the year 2013. Results for the second term will be out soon.

Here is our grading scale by the way: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F

MATH 47 71
CIVICS 81 93
6/43 8/43


I am Mary. I am now in 9th grade at Anwarite Girls Secondary School which is near the orphanage, it is like 3 kilometres away from the orphanage. The school is very good with good condusive environment for learning. I came back to the orphanage for my holiday from school for 2 weeks and six days. During my hoiday, I will help the house moms at the orphanage and I will always make sure that I do my chores everyday such as washing, cleaning and also doing my homework that I was given by my teachers. I really like the Make A Difference [MAD] organization for the good contribution it has done in my life like making sure that I get good education, food, clothing and also school supplies such as a dictionary, exercise books, ruler, pens, pencils, text books and all that I need. I remember when I came from my village I did not have a good education like the one I get now or good bed where I sleep now. But MAD gives me everything that I need that I did not have before. When I finish with my education I will like to be a Doctor and will always help the sick people. With all that MAD does I am sure my dreams are going to be accomplished. May God bless everyone who volunteers in this Organization.

5 /1/2013

Maria currently attends one of the top secondary schools in the country. She is quite the student. When she is not studying, she is writing letters and always smiling. Her laugh is contagious and can light up a whole room!

A recent picture of Mary!

A recent picture of Mary!

Mary and Theresa - at Mary's secondary school

Mary and Theresa – at Mary’s secondary school

Mary with her Aunt, at her Aunt's store

Mary with her Aunt, at her Aunt’s store


4 Responses to Maria’s Blog

  1. Bertha medina says:

    My dear Maria – I miss you and think of you every day – I carry your picture in my prayer book to remember to lift you up in your studies and day to day life – my Swahili is rusty – you are a good Swahili teacher :0) – I am so proud of your hard work and grades but always love your humble spirit – I owe you a letter – love you much – bertha

  2. Dear Bertha, Thank you for writing me! I am on holiday until Tuesday. Could we Skype? Do you use the Skype? Love you, Maria : )

    • Bertha medina says:

      Oh Maria – I should have contacted you earlier; you are probably back in school – I will ask your mama Teresa if you are in school. If you are can you still blog – please tell me how you are doing – love you mucho …… Bertha

  3. Bertha medina says:

    Hi Maria, I am wondering if you check your blog – I hope you are doing well – bertha

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