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Hi all

I want to tell you the great things I did in this year. On this year I have started my form one at Royal Juniour school. On 20th of February this year we played football with another school called ” Muungano secondary school” and our school scored 2 goals and they had 1 goal. I was selected to join the school team, and I am happy for that :). In our school we normally do C.A.TS on every weekend which its like an exams, I became number 4 in our class out of 26 th students.

Thank you guys


Hi everyone!

I want to tell you about some great things I did this year. I graduated and got a certificate of the best football player. I really love playing soccer and watching football videos. Yesterday, we went to International School Moshi where Revo goes. We enjoyed a lot at being at the school.

Now I am on holiday and I will get to celebrate Christmas and the New Year day at my village with my relatives.

I will be in grade 8 next year (secondary school). I can’t wait to see how life is like in secondary school.



Hi everyone.

In order to continue their studies beyond standard 7( 7th grade) student in Tanzania need to pass the National Exam.

Here are my results:

Class  7TH Grades
kiswahili B
English A
civics C
Mathematics C
science C
Average C


Hi everyone

I am now preparing myself for my final exams which will be tomorrow on 10th  of Sept, i have improved a lot in my studies with the help of Mr Mtunda our tutor  and i believe that i will get good grades in this final exams. I would like to thank our beloved  Mama Theresa with all the support she gave us since the 1st grade.I appreciate everyone who visited us at our orphanage for their love,comfort,prayers and support that you gave us  which brighten our life.

I would like to invite you guys on my graduation ceremony which will be on 13th Sept 2014 at Royal school. You are mostly welcome to celebrate with us on this special day.

May God bless you all.

On this month i have received 9/9/2014

  • 2 T shirt
  • 50 colored pencil
  • crayola paints
  • 1 toy
  • chocolates


I am in Himo at the Orphanage, this year I did many wonderful things,and we usually go on holidays this time of the year. In our school we have a class teacher who likes going with us on tours, we  went with him at  kinukamori it’s inMarangu. We went swimming there and I did not swim because it was very cold and we were also told stories about the people of the past like our first president Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

On the 5 th of July we had a sport day and all our parents were told to come at school,I played football and I was the captain of our team, the game was between the boarding scholars versus day scholars I played for day scholars, I scored four goals the results was 5-0 our team was given a present.

This holiday we have been getting tutoring at the orphanage every day at around 8 am to 1 pm, few weeks ago I had a big wound on my leg, Marisa a volunteer treated  my wound and gave me medicine and now I can play and dance, she came with her boyfriend who can play baseball and he taught us to play  also. On 9th and 10th of September I will be doing my class seven national exams.

Have a great day


My latest grades from school:

Class Term 1 Term 2 Term  3 Rank1 Rank2 Rank3
Math 78
English 90
Kiswahili 70
Science 60
Geography 62
History 50
Civics 62


In the past 6 months, I have received:

  • 3 pairs of sport shoes & 4 pairs of sport socks
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair of school shoes & 2 pairs of school socks
  • 3 pairs of regular socks
  • Uniform Items: 2 shorts from Shabani & Innocent, 5 shirts, 1 sweater from Shabani, & 1 sport t-shirt
  • 1 backpack
  • 1 shoe polish to share with my room
  • 7 counter books & 6 exercise books
  • 10 pencils, 10 pens, 4 erasers & 1 sharpener
  • 1 ruler & 1 math set
  • 1 wash cloth & 1 towel
  • 2 body soaps
  • 2 toothbrushes & 3 toothpastes
  • 1 belt
  • Laundry soap @ home
  • 5 regular shirts, 6 regular t-shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 3 vests, 2 regular sweaters & 6 pairs of boxers
  • 2 bed sheets
  • 1 swimsuit

Asante sana (thank you)!


Hi friends!

I am at the MAD guest house with Mama Theresa, MAD’s Intern, Courtney, Deo, Revo, Christopher and Eliona. Deo is helping me with Blogging.

Today we, (class seven students) went for a trip at Marangu Waterfalls.  Marangu is a place near Himo and it’s always evergreen. Many tourists like visiting this place because it has a lot of antiquities which explain Chagga’s history. Before going to the waterfalls, we first went to the Chagga Caves where we saw sculptures of our first president; Mwalimu (teacher in Swahili) Nyerere and some of the local chiefs who were famous in the Kilimanjaro Region.

We then went to the waterfalls and it was long drop, but the plunge-pool was shallow. My friends went swimming but I didn’t go because the water was very cold. We then had our lunch which was delicious!

I have been very busy nowadays because we are going to sit for our first term examinations. I believe I will pass well in my exams! We are also happy to have a tutor for math and Deo, Revo, Neema and Omega have been helping us with our studies as well. We really appreciate their help and all that they have done for us.


Revo Helping Me with My Math Homework at the Orphanage in Himo

In September we will sit for our National Examinations then I will graduate in September this year and I can’t wait for that day!  I really want to go to secondary school. My brother (Shabani), is now at Tengeru Boys’ Secondary school where Deo and Revo studied. My cousin (Subira) went to a new school here in Kilimanjaro Region. Shabani will come back soon for Easter.  I will be happy to see him!

I wish you a Happy Easter. Stay blessed!


Hey guys!

I am in town today .My leg hurt that why I got here in town .I have to see the doctor in the after noon.Today we have christmas dinner at the orphanage.What are you going to do for chrismas?Where are you going to be for christmas?

Merry Christmas and Happy new year…….

Below are my exam results from school for terms one and two for the year 2013. Results for term three will be out soon.

Here is our grading scale by the way: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 31-40=D

MATH 55 68
CIVICS 70 84
37/75 25/74


Hi, you  all

I am looking forward to going back to my village next week to see my friends and relatives again, I will help out grandma with farming and hang out with my friends.


Juma is a great athlete. He is very good at running and playing soccer. He is learning how to shoot a basketball correctly, and is making progress every day!

Juma will be graduating primary school in the fall. He has high hopes for his education in secondary school as he wants to succeed and become a pilot.

Juma, in the gold shoes, playing in a soccer game

Juma, in the gold shoes, playing in a soccer game

Motioning to the ref to do a throw in

Motioning to the ref to do a throw in

Juma with his grandmother, brother - Shabani, and cousin - Subira

Juma with his grandmother, brother – Shabani, and cousin – Subira


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