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Jackie’s term 3 grades are in. “Here is our grading scale by the way: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F”

COMMERCE 48 90/101



This is my first holiday from my new secondary school that is called Mother Theresa of Calcuta. The teachers there are really good and they also teach very well compared to the other secondary schools which I was at before and those are called Mairiva and Mount Kilimanjaro Secondary School Mama Theresa works so hard so that we can go to a great school and get a good education but it’s very hard to go to a great school that teaches well because it’s very expensive. The subjects are very hard and I am working all the time so that I can do well on my exams and reach my goals. Our holiday is one month and two weeks, so I will go back to school on July 12th and I will be at school until December. That will be our next holiday. So I spend more time in school than at home and our school has only two holidays in a year.

From:  Jackie



We (Courtney, Theresa, Neema, Omega, Christina & Kunda) went to visit Jackie & Subira at their school in Same today! They are loving it. Their next break is coming up soon, the end of May! We dropped off some things to get them through the next month:

  • 5 rolls of toilet paper
  • Complete Secondary School Basic Math text book & English text book (to share)
  • Umbrella
  • 4 Exercise Books
  • Flashlight (to share for now, because we forgot to grab the other one!)
  • Body Soap & Laundry Soap
  • Maxi pads
  • 4 Notebooks
  • Wet wipes (to share)
  • 2 pairs of socks
Jackie, Theresa & Subira

Jackie, Theresa & Subira











Hi you all

Am in town today, i came for an eye appointment, the weather is so cool today in town, we are having a Christmas dinner at the center today.

What are you doing for Christmas this season? where will you be? who will you be with?

Happy Festivals to you all!

Happy Festivals.

Happy Festivals.

Check out my exam results from school for term one for the year 2013. Results for term two will be out soon. (see updated post)


Hi you all!

I am holidays at the moment, I go to this school called Mairiva Secondary school in Arusha. I have just finished my form two national exams last month and i am waiting for my results, which i hope will be good.

This holiday i learnt about life plan, and i have graduated from the program, i really enjoyed the life plan program i learnt a lot from it, their were many things that were interesting to learn. I now have a clear picture on planing my goals and the path i should choose to reach my goals in life.

Life Plan

I am planning to go to my village next week, i am so excited to see my relatives again and help them with chores.


This is Jackline am writing from Moshi office. Am now in my holiday from school up to 8th July that will be the end of my holiday. The weather here now is becoming very bad because of the cold season. Am now in a new school called Mairiva and the school it is in Arusha. In my new school I have to do twelve subject while before I was taking only eight subjects. Here are the differences. In my new school we have to wake up early in the morning. We usually  after we wake up we go to take shower then we put on uniform after that every one go to do her duty this is to make the environment clean. After all that we have our breakfast we usually have porridge in our breakfast. After breakfast we start our classes. That all about my new school daily schedule.

For the rest of my holiday I will be with the kids at the orphanage. I will be helping the house mothers with cooking, washing utensils, cleaning the house and the environment. After that I will take off to the village to see my grandparents. There I will be helping them for some time then I will go back to the orphanage to prepare my self to go back to school.


Jackline is becoming quite the lady. She is always helping around the orphanage with cooking and cleaning, as well as being a mentor for the younger kids. She recently transferred to a new school, where she is more focused on studying and getting good marks. She will be taking computer classes too!

Jackline and her grandmother

Jackline and her grandmother

Jackline in a dress made by a sponsor

Jackline in a dress made by a sponsor


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