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Hello everyone!

Hope all are doing well. I have just started my Christmas break.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to ISM. We did some swimming, played basketball and had lunch with some of Revo’s friends. We really had fun yesterday!

My time in school this year was great. I succeed in following up on my plans and everything was just fine.

School reopens on 14th of January. I will have missed my friends by then, so it will be nice to get to see them again.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014!


hello everyone!

I have just come back from school, my time at school was hard this is because their were many things to do. Last week we were doing  our midterm  examination and I did it well. When we open the school next week we will be preparing for graduation of the form four. The graduation will be on 10/10/2014. We will start our terminal examination on 24 /11/2014, and close school on 29/11/2014.

See you next time.

Hi everyone

How are you all doing?

Two weeks ago I started my holiday. I am having a lot of fun because I get time to spend with other kids at Himo. Also I get time to do my homework.

Today is 16/06/2014. I have started my tutoring in Himo. I am learning Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. This is because I have problems in those subjects.

I am spending time with Revo in Himo. He is helping me with school homework before he leaves for his village.

In this holiday I got a chance to go to visit a ranch. The ranch is called Ndaraqwai. I really enjoyed it!



Edward’s term 3 grades are in! Here is our grading scale: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F

 RANK                 31/110


Hi everyone!

I am back from school, my time at school was very difficult because I had a lot to do. Last week we had  terminal examinations.  We are now at the guest house in Moshi. One of the things I  loved over the six months is the time I spent with my friends at school. I will miss my friends at school.  I will be going to Himo today.  I am happy I am going to meet  the other kids at Himo. On the 6/13/2014 is the day that the results of the examinations will be  out.

Hello everyone!

I am now in the MAD office in Moshi town.

I will be going back to school tomorrow after a really short Easter vacation. I enjoyed it though. It was very nice to spend time with the rest of the kids at the house in Himo. My last Sunday (Easter) was exciting.  It was exciting because I got to see my friends at church. I am Catholic.

I am going back to school with some new things!

  • Shoe polish & shoe shine mitt
  • 2 Toothbrushes
  • Wallet
  • 1 pair of socks & 1 pair of boxers

My time in school before the vacation was quite good and I expect it to be better this time. I have really missed my friends and I can’t wait to see them. Shaban and Mwenda have joined me in the school. They joined the school this January, but I am two classes ahead of them. I am so glad that I have their company at school (they replace Deo and Revo who graduated from this same school last year).

Classes resume on the 24th of April. We will then have exams on the 28th of this same month. I think I am very well prepared for the exams so I will get good grades! I’ll keep you posted!


In the past 6 months I have received:

  • 3 school books for Chemistry, Physics, and Geography
  • Money for transport to and from school
  • 1 pair of sport shoes & 4 pairs of sport socks
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 1 pair of school shoes & 2 pairs of school socks
  • 2 pairs of regular socks
  • Uniform items: 1 pair of trousers, 4 shirts, 2 ties, 1 sweater, & 1 sport t-shirt
  • 1 back pack
  • 1 shoe polish
  • 10 counter books
  • 50 pencils, 15 pens, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler & 1 math set
  • 1 wash cloth & 1 towel
  • 4 body soaps
  • 2 toothbrushes & 3 toothpastes
  • 1 laundry soap
  • 1 belt, 3 shirts, 5 t-shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 vest, 1 hat & 4 pairs of boxers
  • 1 bed sheet
  • 1 suitcase
  • 1 brush

Thank you!


Hey guys!

I am on holiday! I have just finished my Form Two Examination, and I am waiting for my results. I hope I will do well, not only well, but excellent!

Recently for one week we got the chance to learn about how to plan out our life through a program called, Life Plan.  I learned better ways to reach my dreams and goals. I also got a chance to acknowledge my values and my strengths in life. I am very excited that I attended the program, now I have a better understanding of the journey I need to take  towards my goal, and how to turn some of my weaknesses into strengths.

Let me share my goal with you.

Life Plan graduation

My Goal is to become a business man, and to do so, I have to maintain the values I have, which are love, honesty, friendship and family.

Last week we were given the opportunity to do a day climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a great day, and although I was tired at the end, I really enjoyed it.

A group picture at the Mountain

It is a beautiful day today in Moshi. The sun is out, the weather is cool, the mountain is clear and full of snow. How is your day?

Below are my exam results for terms one (1) and two (2) at school for the year 2013

Here is our grading scale by the way: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 40-21=D, 20-0=F

PHYSICS     78     77
CHEMISTRY     87     86
BIOLOGY     81     72
MATHS     51     52
ENGLISH     72     90
HISTORY     84     78
CIVICS     69     84
GEOGRAPHY     71     84
SWAHILI     74     79
BIBLE     80     81


My name is Edward. I was born on November 13th, 1997, in the Kilimanjaro region at Moshi district. My father died in 2001 and my mother died when I was in standard one in school. I have one brother who is called Innocent.4/15/20134/15/2013

When my parents died, I was taken to the village at my grandparents place which is called Kirua. The life in the village was not good at all. We did not have enough food and did not have a good education. My grandparents were old so they could not provide us with good education or food.

In 2006, I was sponsored and I came to the Himo orphanage which is called Kilimanjaro Kids Care. They gave me everything that I wanted in life and they made me forget about what happened to me and they gave me hope.

I was taken to the Royal Junior School where I started standard two to standard seven after completing my primary school.

I joined secondary school in 2012 and I am now in form two in one of the best schools in Tanzania and the best school in the Arusha region. I am very fortunate to be at this school, and I am very happy.

My future plan is to become a Businessman and a Geologist in order to help my family and my society and nation. I hope everything will happen because God is with me.

Edward during a home visit to his village

Edward during a home visit to his village


2 Responses to Edward’s Blog

  1. Edward, I just saw your recent post and am so proud of you! You are doing so well at school – it is truly a remarkable achievement! Keep up the good work!

    We’re busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays here in the US. It has suddenly gotten very cold and we’re waiting for it to snow. I plan to do some skiing here in the Northeastern United States. Last time I was in Tanzania, I showed you all some pictures of us skiing and you thought we were crazy 🙂 I think that is a good assessment of what it takes to strap some boards to our feet and go flying down a snowy mountain side at a high speed. Sometimes it is even snowing and very windy when we go skiing all of which makes it sound even crazier, but we love it! I would love to show you snow someday.

    I have sent you a package which you may get after Christmas, depending upon your holiday schedule. Please know that I am carrying you in my heart and am sending tons of love and good wishes for you and your family this holiday season.


    Mama Jeannie
    xoxo (these are hugs and kisses 🙂

  2. Shawna says:

    Hi Edward! Thank you for your blog posts! What a wonderful way for us to keep up with your life and achievements. Looks like you had a terrific year at school. I am especially impressed by your ability to do well both in the physical sciences (like chemistry) and English/Civics/Geography. Great work! What are your plans for college/university? I’m also glad to hear that you found the Life Plan program to be very useful.

    Do you know what kind of a businessman you want to be? Is there a specific product or service you’re interested in?

    I have lots of questions – but I’ll start there. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

    Shawna, Neil, Norah, & Elliott Cooper

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