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Christmas Gifts that Make A Difference for Everyone

Christmas-presentWould if this Christmas you could take care of everyone on your list, and an entire orphanage as well?  JustGive makes it easy. For $50 you can provide a child at our orphanage with a Christmas present full of items on their wish list, and dedicate your donation to a friend or family as a gift. Two presents distributed at once. You can also buy a bookshelf full of books for $200 and dedicate the gift to someone special. Start checking off your Christmas list today!
Go to:  Make A Difference Christmas Gifts.

You can also double your impact by  participating in our Matching Funds program. Simply make a donation, and have your company match it.

Once you let us know you’re interested in participating, we will send you a receipt and a letter from the children.

If you’d like to send cards, the children would be delighted to get mail.

Please make note of our NEW postal address:  P.O. Box 6663 Moshi, Tanzania, Africa.

October 2014

We just received numerous boxes from one of MAD’s volunteer alumni in the UK, Mary Sisson.  Mary was able to miraculously rally up schools in the UK to donate their old science equipment and books to one of the schools we support in Tanzania. The school couldn’t be more excited! For years they’ve had a science lab, but no equipment for students to get hand-on experience with learning. Their classroom is about to come alive!

Here are a few pics:


























September 2014

We’re officially done building the new Make A Difference Library and Technology Center for the Royal School in the village of Himo!

If you’d like to get involved, we still need support to get both up and running. We’re trying to raise funds for bookshelves, books, and furniture. Please email us to let us know if you’re interested in helping us:  Info@MakeADifferenceNow.org

IMG_9030 IMG_2166











May 13th, 2014

Getting ready for Salesforce.com’s visit! They arrive tomorrow and will be working on the library and technology center at the Royal School. Below are some before pictures of the library.


DSC03944May 7th 2014

Before going off to boarding, the children at our orphanage spent a few hours working on MAD’s Jewelry Program with their teacher. They hope to sell the jewelry to support their education.

MORE Graduates! This September 2014 MAD will have SIX more children graduate from primary to secondary school in Tanzania. Look who will be graduating:

Joseph 2014
Christopher 2014
Upendo 2014
Gift 2014
Juma 2014
Eliona 2014

Before going off to boarding, the children spent a few hours working on jewelry. They hope to sell the jewelry to support their education.

Benny making a necklace!















May 2014

Many thanks going out to all of our sponsors!  Six of our students just returned to the Royal School for boarding.  Upendo is our newest student to go to boarding. Our older girls, Neema and Omega carried her out to the car as we often do for any guests who visit us. It has become a Make A Difference tradition!


Upendo's friends all cheered as she joined boarding!

Upendo’s friends all cheered as she joined boarding!




























Make A Difference has been working hard with the Royal School in Kilimanjaro to build a library and technology which will benefit up to 50,000 people in the Kilimanjaro area.

Coming right up!  We are almost done.  Many thanks going out to Saleforce.com, P&G Alumni and our individual donors and who have made this dream possible.

Our next goal for the school is to make sure they have a playground with swings and slides. They have never had one before. If you are interested in donating books, shelves or helping us build, please send us an email at:  info@MakeADifferenceNow.org

Asante sana! (Thank you)!

MAD Library and Technology Center 1385888_10151797706830805_256428501_n 1391953_10151797706960805_1921580656_n IMG_4892 IMG_8421

Library Almost Complete!



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