Hi everyone!
I have not yet started on my national exam, but I will start in November this year.
In Math, I am trying to focus and ask for past papers, so I can learn and practise some hard questions, so that I can improve the most. Commerce and History are also subjects which challenges me, but I still put effort into them. Subjects which I like the most are Chemistry, Physics and Geography (PCG). In sports I like running around the field and I like to do body exercises. In this term of 2016, I have been grateful, because I am improving and I score some good marks every saturdays Where I usually do exams in the morning at 8:30am. Also I appreciate that MAD has helped me to have an education. My plan/goal is to be a doctor. I am so happy that I will be having a better life, when I improve my studies till the end. I thank all the sponsors who have helped me with an education.
By Upendo
June 2016





Hi everyone!
I am so excited that I have been improving my grades. The previous year I was number 13 out of 29 students. I can’t fail again on my subjects. When I struggled my grade 2 exams, I scored 8 out of 24 students. I promise that I will do better so I can go to the top 5 out of 24 students. Some subjects that I failed was Basic Mathematics, Commerce and History. I am seeking tutoring so I can improve my grades.
Reason why I passed my grades is that some kids are good students, I asked them for help and they helped me. Benny, Innocent and Exuper helped me to score 8 out of 24. They told me they would help me, so I can improve as they improved. Also making prayers helps, so I prayed to God and this helped me. The subjects which I improved were Kiswahili, Chemistry and Business.
My goal is to be a doctor or Business considering my performance. To be a doctor is to excel in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. To excel in Business is to learn Commerce, Book-keeping and Basic Mathematics.
The school I attend is Royal Secondary School. My school is good and fair to the students. That is why I perform well. The reason I am in this school is to further my education.
Also in this term I have been in the hospital. I was suffering from chest pain (coughing) and headaches. I am so grateful for my education. I need to put more effort into my studies and my obedience.
By Upendo
May 2016


Finished Grade 8

Hello everyone,

I am so glad that I have finished my grade 8 in this year, 2015. Also I did my terminal exams; I hope that I have passed my exams. I am so excited to be in grade 9 next year. I want to do my national exams in grade 9 so I can get distinguished of 3.7 (GPA).

My school has closed on 26th Nov. I am going to have a holiday which is Christmas and Happy New Year. When I arrive home I hope God has made my grandparents, brothers, sisters, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, etc. to be alive. I am so surprised that I will be celebrating with all of them on Christmas day. I hope they will be happy to see me when I arrive back home.

My ambition when I get my best degrees is to be a doctor. A doctor should study the three subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Basic Mathematics. I will be struggling to achieve my goals. I want to follow the rules and regulations so I can do better than I want. I want to have “compassion”; this  means to reach out to others.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



What Upendo Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 Sports shoes
1 Sunglasses
2 Sports socks
1 Toothpaste
1 Toothbrush
1 Atlas
1 Bras
16 Fruit and veggie bars
1 Dictionary
3 Maxi pads
1 Padlock
3 Counter books
4 Exercise books
1 Toothbrush
6 Toothpastes (small)
1 Ruler
1 Graph pad
2 Laundry soap bars
2 Glue sticks
8 Pens
6 Pencils
4 Erasers (pencil top)

Thanks to everyone!


I Have Done Well

Hi Everyone,
Today is a beautiful day. The day of going back home. In school I’m usually staying with my friends and other people in a good manner. In my school there are many different games like netball, basketball, races, handball, and volleyball. I usually participate in all games. My school has large building and different kinds of flowers and trees.

On 20 July is the day which I started my exams and ended on 24 July. After that I waited for my results to see if I had passed my exams. On Wednesday I started my general cleanliness of the school compound. After finishing that on Friday I got my results that said I have done well, but I am still continuing to study on difficult subjects like math, bookkeeping, and physics. I am number 6 out of 29 students and I am continuing to improve my grades.

On 1 of August I will be with my grandparents in a meeting. Now I am on holiday but on my side I am not really feeling well. On 1st of August, it will be a Saturday and also on that day I will be traveling back with my grandparents or my brother who will be attending the guardian meeting. I will be helping my grandparents in doing home chores.

I am thankful to God that he has made me alive until this day. I am so happy because I am on holiday.