Upendo’s Update 2019

Two years ago, Upendo attended Mother Teresa boarding school in the Same Region. She made good grades, excelling in English and Biology with a special interest in Geography. Upendo continues to excel in her studies, earning A and B grades.

On a typical day, Upendo wakes at 4 am to get ready for mass. After mass, she and her fellow students clean the school until 7, when they break for their first meal. After that, she attends her classes until 3:20pm.

One particular project that Upendo found exciting was a project for transportation including railways and roads. Interviewing engineers, she learned the importance of and impacts of improving transportation infrastructure.

Make a Difference has helped Upendo by supplying school supplies, paying school fees, teaching her how to write a resume, and apply for jobs.

Upendo dreams of one day becoming a nurse. When she was a little girl, she saw many sick people who did not have access to medical care. This has driven her to succeed in her schooling so that she can one day help people who may not have access to medical care otherwise.



Hi everyone!
I have not yet started on my national exam, but I will start in November this year.
In Math, I am trying to focus and ask for past papers, so I can learn and practise some hard questions, so that I can improve the most. Commerce and History are also subjects which challenges me, but I still put effort into them. Subjects which I like the most are Chemistry, Physics and Geography (PCG). In sports I like running around the field and I like to do body exercises. In this term of 2016, I have been grateful, because I am improving and I score some good marks every saturdays Where I usually do exams in the morning at 8:30am. Also I appreciate that MAD has helped me to have an education. My plan/goal is to be a doctor. I am so happy that I will be having a better life, when I improve my studies till the end. I thank all the sponsors who have helped me with an education.
By Upendo
June 2016





Hi everyone!
I am so excited that I have been improving my grades. The previous year I was number 13 out of 29 students. I can’t fail again on my subjects. When I struggled my grade 2 exams, I scored 8 out of 24 students. I promise that I will do better so I can go to the top 5 out of 24 students. Some subjects that I failed was Basic Mathematics, Commerce and History. I am seeking tutoring so I can improve my grades.
Reason why I passed my grades is that some kids are good students, I asked them for help and they helped me. Benny, Innocent and Exuper helped me to score 8 out of 24. They told me they would help me, so I can improve as they improved. Also making prayers helps, so I prayed to God and this helped me. The subjects which I improved were Kiswahili, Chemistry and Business.
My goal is to be a doctor or Business considering my performance. To be a doctor is to excel in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. To excel in Business is to learn Commerce, Book-keeping and Basic Mathematics.
The school I attend is Royal Secondary School. My school is good and fair to the students. That is why I perform well. The reason I am in this school is to further my education.
Also in this term I have been in the hospital. I was suffering from chest pain (coughing) and headaches. I am so grateful for my education. I need to put more effort into my studies and my obedience.
By Upendo
May 2016


Finished Grade 8

Hello everyone,

I am so glad that I have finished my grade 8 in this year, 2015. Also I did my terminal exams; I hope that I have passed my exams. I am so excited to be in grade 9 next year. I want to do my national exams in grade 9 so I can get distinguished of 3.7 (GPA).

My school has closed on 26th Nov. I am going to have a holiday which is Christmas and Happy New Year. When I arrive home I hope God has made my grandparents, brothers, sisters, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, etc. to be alive. I am so surprised that I will be celebrating with all of them on Christmas day. I hope they will be happy to see me when I arrive back home.

My ambition when I get my best degrees is to be a doctor. A doctor should study the three subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Basic Mathematics. I will be struggling to achieve my goals. I want to follow the rules and regulations so I can do better than I want. I want to have “compassion”; this  means to reach out to others.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



What Upendo Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 Sports shoes
1 Sunglasses
2 Sports socks
1 Toothpaste
1 Toothbrush
1 Atlas
1 Bras
16 Fruit and veggie bars
1 Dictionary
3 Maxi pads
1 Padlock
3 Counter books
4 Exercise books
1 Toothbrush
6 Toothpastes (small)
1 Ruler
1 Graph pad
2 Laundry soap bars
2 Glue sticks
8 Pens
6 Pencils
4 Erasers (pencil top)

Thanks to everyone!