Subira’s Update 2019

Hello everyone, it’s Subira. I am now in my last year of school and on July 20th 2019 I will graduate and receive my diploma in nursing. I am now taking Research, Mental Health 2, Midwifery 3, and Leadership 2 as my classes. My favorite class is Midwifery because we are now dealing with managing the complications before labor, in labor and after labor. Research and Epidemiology are very interesting and I am now working on ‘Assessment on knowledge on anemia among pregnancy woman and childbearing woman who attend Msaranga health facility.’ Msaranga is a health facility in Moshi. I am very happy with my grades and planning to volunteer at KCMC Hospital while waiting for my results. Next I would like to specialize in anesthetic, which takes 3 more years of schooling. My birthday was last week and I was very happy. I also played netball in school with other colleges and universities and won some games.

Subira, Subirah's Blog

This is Subirah.

Subirah is twenty-one years old and was raised by her grandmother in Moshi Town, Tanzania.

She remembers staying at the orphanage for 9 years.

Subirah’s dreams, like all the other MAD students, is to use her education to give back.

She is pursuing nursing school and currently in her first year.

 I asked her what is difficult for her right now.

Her response, “Nothing. I am getting education and am happy for that.”

All that she cares about right now is getting a good education.

Subirah spends a lot of time away from family and rarely sees the ones she grew up with but is happy to get an education.

I asked her what her favorite memory with MAD was. Up until this point, it was very difficult to read Subirah because she is quite reserved and didn’t use many words in her responses.

She had a serious face and only answered what she needed to.

With the favorite memory question, I got a smile and even a shift in positioning on her chair.

She said, “In December, we all get together and make good food. We all enjoy that time together. We celebrate.”

She is a Muslim yet her favorite thing of the year is to celebrate Christmas.

I found that contrast intriguing. While the world is known for destruction between Christians and Muslims, this one girl has the ability to celebrate both and delight in the beauty of belief.

The meaning of her name, Subirah, is patience.

Wouldn’t there be so much more peace in the world if we just practiced more patience?

You can check out MAD’s website and profiles of the children they sponsor by going to:

Words and photos by travel writer Emilee Struss, @emileemaestruss


At Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC)

Hello everyone,
I’m now at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC). For the first time, I found the life very difficult because I was used of my secondary school where we were given notes but in college we are only given hints and told to go and search for more explanation. Now I’m used to it. We are now on rotation to hospital and in one ward we are spending two weeks and shift to another ward. We have five wards for rotation as first year students. Soon we are going to start our Continuous Assessment Tests and I will be very busy studying. Our holiday will be in April for one week.



Heading to Medical College

Hi everyone!

After graduating from secondary school I’ve been waiting for my school grades and working on college applications here in Tanzania. I’m very happy announce that I was selected to join a nursing school in Kilimanjaro. The school is called the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC). I want to be a nurse and possibly a doctor later so I can help care for people. I thank God for this great achievement! I will be joining college soon and plan to get a diploma in nursing after three years.

Miss you all!


Subira, Subirah's Blog

Family and college

Hello everyone.
Hope you’re doing good. I am good. I am at home since November 14th. I had a big problem in taking care of my grandfather, because he was seriously sick. Now we are sad because he passed away. Also I have applied for college at KCMC, Muhumbili and Tanga. I hope to join in October, when the results are out. I prefer more at KCMC because it’s near home. I am now taking care of my grandmother by helping her with cooking and washing clothes.
By Subirah
May 2016


Since I finished my ordinary level last year

Hello everyone.
How is everyone doing? I am doing well.
I have been so busy since I finished my ordinary level last year 14th Nov 2015. After I finished my ordinary level I just took a short break for two weeks, then I started my volunteering program at KCMC hospital. I did it for two months. I was helping in making files for patients, arranging their files in good order for later use and putting their records in the computer. After that I stopped, then I started to look for colleges. I have already applied for nursing and I am now looking forward to see the results which will be out in June. I hope they will be good and I expect to join college in October.
From Jackie
May 2016


What Subira Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 T-shirt
1 Small notebook
7 Bathing soap
5 Laundry soap bars
2 Laundry soap powder
1 Sandals (flipflops)
2 Toothpaste
2 Toothbrush
5 Maxi pads (packs)
1 Shirt (graduation)
1 Skirt (graduation)
1 Shoes (graduation)
1 Shoe polish
1 Shoe brush
1 Vaseline
1 Watch
3 Counter books
4 Exercise books
8 Pens
5 Pencils
1 Eraser
1 Ruler
1 Math set
4 Underwear
2 Bras
3 Skintights
2 Vests
4 Shavers
1 T-shirt
1 Dental floss

Thank you all!