Shaban’s Update 2019

Hi everyone, I started my diploma studies in October 2018, in pharmaceutical studies. It is a 3 year program to receive my diploma. I’m doing well in my classes, and enjoying learning about being a pharmacist. I finished my first semester in March, and did 1 month of fieldwork at KCMC hospital. I am currently taking my second semester of classes. The first semester covered dispensing, pharmaceutical dosage forms, disease control and prevention, pharmaceutical calculations, anatomy, physiology, and communication skills. These communication skills helped me learn to instruct patients on how to take the medicine, what to do in case of a bad reaction, and learning how to speak with patients who are hard of hearing or have some other disability. I also learned computer skills like how to store the documents electronically and how to use the Microsoft suite of products. This semester I am taking law and ethics in pharmacy, medical storage keeping, basic pharmacology, compounding of pharmaceutical products, and inorganic chemistry.


On a short holiday.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well in everything that you do. I am well. I’m on a short holiday which will end on October 5th 2016. Regarding my academics, I am really performing well with my studies despite things being very tough. I’m really trying my level best that I am not left behind. During this holiday, I am very happy to see my grandmother and m friends from primary schools.

Thank you all who are participation in one way or another to support my educationn.


I got the highest grade!

Hi everyone,
I am now at the Royal school having a meeting with our guardians and the MAD organization (sister Janeth).
I came for a short holiday yesterday (23/03/2016) and to celebrate Easter. From here we are going to our villages. I’m very happy because I will get to meet my grandparents. The school will be reopened on the 2nd of April 2016.
Last year we did form two national examination and I managed to pass the exams with the highest grade “Distinction 5.0” with an A in Bible knowledge, Mathematics, geography, history, civics, English, biology, chemistry and I got B+ in physics and B in Kiswahili.
I wish you all happy Easter!!!
By Shaban Azizi
March 2016


To overcome the troubles in school

We are not yet provided with our results because it is now midterms, but I hope I will do better than last terms results. The subjects which really trouble me a lot are physics, biology and bible knowledge. These subjects trouble me a lot because there are many things in them to learn and so it costs me a lot of time to master all of them, but I am sure that at the end of this holiday I will make everything settled and come back to school normal. This is due to that I plan reusing what I was taught in school and if possible I will try being ahead of the teacher, so that when I go back to school things will be easier for me. I now study at Tenga Boys secondary school and when I grow up my dream is to become a doctor.
By Shaban Azizi


Form Three Next Year

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? I am well and good.

Right now I am at the office in Moshi together with Mwenda, Sister Janeth and Madam Nancy.

I and Stanley (Mwenda) are back from school and we came today for our long holiday. We did our Form Two National Exams which indicates the end of form two (9th grade equivalent) and looking forward to graduating to form three next year (2016).

I am very glad to be back from school because I get to see the kids (from MAD) and spend some of the time with them. I also get to see and meet my grandparents at my home village.

During my holiday I will make sure that I continue revising and doing my home packages left by the teachers in school so that I might not forget what I was taught in school.