Peter Coronavirus Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe, I am also safe and I am still praying for you to stay safe. Today I am happy to share with you guys about how I spent my COVID 19 holiday.

Firstly, I would like to thank MAD for the Computer course at Marangu. I learnt different things on how to use a computer, by being able to type on a computer and also how to operate different kinds of programs. When I finished  my computer course, I went back to my village to stay with my uncle. We did different activities such as farming, and other different social activities. I stayed for several weeks at the village until the rise of COVID-19.

Kindly MAD supported me to stay at the MAD guest house, so that I could stay away from the COVID 19 pandemic. In the first two weeks, everyone was obligated to self quarantine and stay in this or her room. I have been staying at the guest house with three other students, so Mary and Upendo stayed in one room and Innocent and myself stayed in another. Not only did we have to stay in the room, but also follow all other procedures to be safe from the virus, such as washing our hands and maintaining social distancing. 

Finally, after the first two weeks, we were able to do some different activities within the MAD guest house compound, such as reading novels, studying and physical exercises. 

All in all, I would like to pass my thanks to MAD and all sponsors for taking care of us during the COVID-19 “holiday”. Also, I would like to thank Flora for the meals which she prepared for us during this time as well as thank Janeth for giving us all the precautions on how to stay safe. Lastly, I would like to thank Mama Theresa for the great care in all aspects. 

May God bless you all and protect you wherever you go. Thank you very much. 

I love you all and always remember to stay safe. 

Love from, 



Peter’s Update 2019

Hi Everyone,
I would like to share with you guys what I did during my holiday that started on April 7. First, I enjoyed the Easter celebration and before we went home we got the test results back. I am number 30 out of 122 students with division two of point 20 and it was known as cluster exam or joint examination which included all catholic schools in the Uru area and all in all we had a mock examination. I had division two of point 21 but after the mock we had the S test which means small test and this small test was done roughly anytime and was known as timed test. We did them and I got division three and it was not my expectation but what I promise is I will get division one with point 12 and I will do well and will do a lot of revision. In my school there is huge competition among students but what I believe is God has not created an emptied mind. Everyone as the chance to do their best and he/she can come out on top so I believe that I will be number 1 out of 122 students. What I promise is I will struggle for my position. Fundamentally, apart from school, during my holiday of June I did many fantastic things including studying with my friend and thinking about ways to get better/perform fantastically through passing the past national exams. My classmate also helped me with math’s but also I helped them with history because I’m best in this subject. So all in all I enjoyed my holidays. Thank you very much, I love you all.


I’m back again with a big smile

Hello guys!

I’m back again with a big smile.This is a wonderful year for studying and being serious. Now I’m in ninth grade. At the end of October I will be having national exams and I will do my best to score division one which is the best score. Despite the fact that I’m good in science than in business subjects, I will try my best to perform well in all subjects. I’m growing taller and I’m interested and talented in shaking. On my past holiday, I went to my home village in Marangu where I helped my aunt feeding animals. Here we feed animals using plant leaves and therefore I had to cut plant leaves for feeding. Also, I spent some time studying by making revision.
Thank you all !!!


School is cool

Hi guys,
Now we are at school. I am doing well in my subjects. In first term I was number 5 out of 24 students. I was very happy about my performance and in my national exam I got B+. The subjects were
Social studies – B+
Math – B+
Science – B+
Kiswahili – B+
English – B+
These were my grades in grade seven, now I am in grade eight. We learn eleven subjects where some are B/Math, B-keep-commerce, social science, history, geography and civics. In our school we have preps at night. In my free time I like to read and play ball and make stories with my friends, where we laugh together. I study with my friends and we exchange ideas.
I want to be number one from form one – form four.
I want to become a pilot. I have had the dream to become a pilot since I was young. I like that work so so much. In order to get that work I have to take Physics, Geography and Math (PGM for short) and I must study hard in order to achieve my wonderful dream.
Thank you
I love you all
June 2016



School life and grades

Hi guys.
I am now at Royal junior school in the meeting and we were talking about our performances. I have been number five out of 24. We also talked about sponsorship and many other things. We talked about respect. The subjects that I like are Chemistry, Physics, Math, History, Geography, English and Bias. In Chemistry I have got 81 which is A. In Physics I got 80 which is B+. In History I got 68 which is B. In Geography I have got 74 which is B+. I like my teachers because they teach me the tricks in exams. I love English because we usually speak it. When I grow up I want to be an international pilot in U.S.A and other countries. Thank you everyone.
I love you.
By Peter Tesha
May 2016


Graduation and National Exams

Hi guys,

How are you doing? This is my blog where I talk about my graduation and performance in national exams.

My graduation was on 12th September 2015. I was so, so, so happy to see Madam Nancy come with a cake, watch, clothes, and other things. Madam Nancy was so, so happy to see me when I was dancing in front of people at graduation. Madam Nancy told me let’s go to your aunt’s house. We went to see my aunt who was washing her clothes. We said hello to my aunt and after that Madam Nancy left to go to Moshi.

After that I stayed for one week. I then went to pre-form one at Royal School where I stayed for three weeks. I then saw my performance was a good performance in national exams (I got a B average!). I was so, so happy to see that I had harvested my performance. After two weeks Madam Janeth and Madam Nancy came and said where is your performance. I told them it is with Madam Ndjike (the headmistress). Then we went to Madam Ndjike’s and she gave us the performance. Janeth, Nancy, and I were happy for the performance,

Thank you.

Love, Peter




What Peter Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 Sunglasses
8 Exercise books
1 Exercise book (small)
10 Pens
5 Review & Textbooks (from KKC books)
1 Belt (black)
1 School shoes
1 Sharpener
2 Sports socks
1 School shorts
1 Eraser
8 Pens
1 Ruler
1 Math set
1 Toothbrush
6 Toothpastes (small)
2 Laundry soap bars
3 Vests
3 Boxers
1 Laundry soap powder
1 Vaseline
1 History textbook P7
1 Civics textbook P7



Sports Day and Exams

How are you doing? We have closed the school today on Friday 31/7/2015d now we are at the guesthouse. We will open the school again after two weeks.

On Saturday the 18th we it was Sports Day. We played and enjoyed the games such as basketball, football, running, running with an egg, and drinking soda. I played basketball and ran races. After finishing the games Nancy brought food for us that we were to eat. It is called potatoes and chicken. In Kiswahili it is chips kuku. After that we said goodbye to Madam Nancy and then she went to the MAD car and started to drive away. After Sports Day we went to our sleep room to bathed, change clothes, and start going to the class tuition. It was a good day and everyone enjoyed it well.

Then two weeks passed after Sports Day. The teachers were setting up good exams and the pupils enjoyed it. After we finished our exams the teachers were very happy. To me I saw the subjects were good but only one exam made me sad!!! That subject is my national language and is Kiswahili. It is not easy, it was very hard.

Thank you.