Omega Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone

I hope that everything is going alright with you all. I thank you God for giving us good health up to date. And I thank you mama Theresa for taking good care of us by getting support from you all so that we are able to protect ourselves from coronavirus (covid 19).

Before the covid -19 pandemic, I had six subjects at the university, which were Mathematics, procurement, cost accounting, auditing, financial accounting and financial systems. My grades were B+ and B.

After the outbreak of covid -19 all over the world, the schools and universities were locked down and we had to stay home which shocked me and I thought that there would be no more schooling and my dreams were going to fail. I was worried about that but I thank Almighty God that the coronavirus (covid 19) has been reduced in our country and by June 1st 2020 we are going back to university. I am so happy that the universities will open again so that my dreams can be fulfilled at the right time.

During the outbreak of covid -19 I educated ten families which I have been proud of

because they were so serious about listening to me and able to take the precautions that I was telling them to take and also what was announced on the radio and television. Although we tried to educate them and everyone tried to take precautions in order to prevent the spread, I faced different challenges such as shortage of water, sanitizers, washing soap and towels. 

The problem was solved by mama Theresa through providing us with the things that we did not have in order to protect ourselves from covid -19. This was done by the donations

that you donated to her.

Thank you very much for your support by providing us with food and PPE during the outbreak of coronavirus and thank you very much for supporting me with my education. Without you I could be nothing in this world today, but because of you I am going to be the mirror of the world.

Love you all!!!!

Omega urassa.


Omega’s Update 2019

Omega's Card.jpg

Hi everybody,

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. I am on holiday from March 15th to August 12th.

Since April, I have been involved with a volunteer activity in Moshi municipal on accounting. This gives me a lot more practice with accounting, which makes me really excited for the future and my career.

For these four months before I go back to University, I am staying with my sister because she is close to where I am volunteering. It is also much cheaper for me to commute from her house rather than commuting from my home village.

I have really been enjoying the University because I know it is taking me one step closer to my dreams and goals.

On June 23rd this year Mama Theresa, Subirah, Mary, Christopher, Eliona, and I went to Arusha national park for a day trip and we saw a lot of animals like zebras, giraffes, and baboons. We also got an up close view to Mount Meru. We had so much fun on the safari and seeing the mountain and I am so thankful for how great the experience was.


I heard about university several times….

I heard about university several times when I was in O level (secondary school). People attending university were always considered superb to me and I always wished that one day I too, would come to join the university and be like them. My desire to one day attend a university made me strive through many hard situations.
I went on struggling until I made it. During my O level I passed through many hard situations and exams. To me, going to university was this incredible goal that I dreamed of. I met people holding their high education certificates and so I said to myself, “ a day must come when even I will have my own certificate.”
The feeling of attending my first day at a university was amazing in ways that aren’t explainable.
Now that am at the university, I have to work hard because my end target is not yet fulfilled. I have to work hard so that I may attain the certificates. Because here at the university it is not only certificates that I pursue that matters but what matters is what I have in my head after graduation.
In that case in most simple words the experience I have had since the first day I arrived at the university is simply quite great and ever since I have opened this new chapter of learning. I always add up new things and new sharing experiences.


Joining University

Hello everyone,
I’ve been on a long break from school for five months since I finished Form Six (advance level of high school) on May 7th this year. I have been applying to universities which I would love to attend here in Tanzania. I am so happy that I was selected to join Moshi Cooperative University near MAD’s guesthouse for a diploma in Accountancy and Cooperative Management for two years. After my diploma studies, I ‘m hoping to get a degree in Accountancy and Cooperative Management.
Love you all!


Study in university

Hi everyone,
I am now at MAD house with Neema, Jackie, Subira, Deo and Edward having lunch together. I am now on holiday since the 7th of May 2016 and I have graduated form 6 (Advance level) on the 23rd of April 2016. I am now at holiday waiting for the result of the National Examination. Probably if possible I would like to study Taxation in university level and I would like to join IFM university in Dar-es-salaam or ITA university in Dar-es-salaam. For this moment I am at our village with my relatives and they are so excited for us to be together again.
I miss you very much and I would like to hear from you.
All the best
May 2016


Did Mock Examinations

Hi Everyone!!

Now I am on my holiday for two months. Whereby January 9th I will be back at school.

I did my mock examinations and they were easy. I hope I will perform well. I am at the MAD house with Neema, Mary, and Nancy. Today, November 15th, we will go to our village to visit our relatives because it has been a long time without seeing them.

I want to thank God for his blessings because he has been on my side every now and then. On November 14th was Mary’s, Subira’s and Jackie’s graduation for finishing their Ordinary Level (11th grade) education. We were very excited because they are making steps in their lives.

Next year Revo, Deo, Neema and I will be finishing our Advanced Level education and preparing ourselves for college/university level.

I thank all the people who are on my side every time and every second. I give my thanks to Mama Theresa because she has been a wonderful mother to me.

Be blessed every now and then.

Much love to you all !!!!!!



Trip to Pangani With Elevate Destinations

Last year in May we took a trip to Pangani and visited schools in Tanga with Mama Theresa (the Director of Make A Difference – MAD), Kunda (Driver), Courtney, Neema, Christina and I. We started our journey from Moshi to Same where Jackie and Subira (students from the orphanage) study. We were very excited to see them because we missed them a lot and they miss us too.

After Same we took a journey to Pangani which took at least 4 – 5 hours to reach. It was a long trip but enjoyable. On the way we had different snacks like popcorn, groundnuts, bananas, watermelon, breads, and peanut butter.

We reached Pangani around 6:40 pm where we got a warm welcome from hotel staff who showed us our rooms for two (2) days. The environment was so conducive for our helath and the rooms were very nicely arranged and clean. When we reached there we took showers and had supper. We ate American food, but I cannot remember which type of food we ate. When we were done with supper we played games like table tennis, soccer and cards. Then we went to sleep.

The next day we woke up around 8:00 am. We had our breakfast, which was very delicious and we really enjoyed having it. When we were done with the breakfast we went to the beach, which was nearby the Beach Crab (the place where we slept). I was very excited because it was my first day to be at the beach! After seeing the water I wanted to get in very quickly before the others. The waves were coming too fast towards us which I really enjoyed so much that I didn’t want to come out of the water.

Thereafter we went back to the camp and had a rest for a little bit, then we went to play games like volley ball, tennis, cards, and soccer. During supper we had American food again but I didn’t like it that much. Mama Theresa did this because she wants us to taste different things and not just eat Tanzanian food.

On the next day we woke up at 6:00 am and packed our stuff ready to go. At 6:30 am we had our breakfast and exactly 7:00 am we started our journey to visit different schools in Tanga. We started with Rosmin Secondary School where we went and visited their library which is very nice and large but with few books for students to take notes.

The school was nice and we spent around 30 minutes then made our way to St. Christina Girls’ Secondary School where Neema and I are studying right now. The school is very nice and has enough teachers to teach us and the environment there is very conducive for us to study. There we spent a lot of time because we wanted to know much about the school and also to take the application forms with the school items which we should buy before going to school.

On the same day we had our journey to Lushoto where we spent our night. The environment was very chilly where during night hours (sleeping time) we had heavy blankets because it’s surrounded by a lot of mountains and valleys. We spent one night at Lushoto where in the morning we did a morning hike for our bodies to get well. After the morning hike we went back to the camp and had showers and breakfast and after that we visited a milk factory where they made cheese, yoghurt, jams, and transported them to different regions for sale like Kilimanjaro (Moshi), Arusha, and Dar es salaam The place there is very conducive and I really enjoyed it. This was the end of our trip and we had our journey back home.

Thank you, Elevate Destinations and MAD, for supporting us with our trip. We learned a lot of things which we have never learned before. God bless you wherever you are. Also we thank Mama Theresa for planning the wonderful trip for us.

Thank you very much,