Mwenda, Volunteers of MAD

Visiting The Family Farm

Today in Tanzania, we met the family of Stanley, a student sponsored by Make A Difference Now. He is getting ready to attend college later in August. We went to his family farm. His grandparents were so kind to us and told us more about the value of hard work they have taught Stanley, having a motto of “work hard, no talking!”



They beamed with pride as they talked about their grandson and the future he has in university after coming from a life of poverty.

Stanley (when on school breaks) and his grandparents wake up early to take care of the animals they have and then begin the physical labor of caring for two different plots of land- one right by their house where they have bananas, avocados (yum!!!) and yams planted. They must walk an hour and a half to get to the other plot of land where they grow corn, beans and sunflowers for oil. Can you imagine walking an hour and a half to work? Most of what they raise is for their family to eat, but they are able to sell some crops. Each year this little money they raise helps them to afford improvements to their house including a new toilet and some more bricks for a house they are trying to build slowly. It has taken a number of years. Their current home has many cracks, but has weathered many storms. It was built by Stanley’s grandfathers’ great grandfather!

*Pictured are Sean and Grace helping with farm chores: planting a banana tree and feeding goats. Stanley also showed us the long process of growing coffee, preparing it in a mortar and pestle, roasting it, and then grinding it in a mortar and pestle once again.


Studies On Holiday

Hi everyone!

I am now on holiday. During my holiday I have planned to go to the village and help my grandparents with some farm work.

I have also planned to do revision and home package studies. Next year I will be in Form III (10th grade equivalent), therefore I have to work even harder so that I can achieve my goals.

May almighty God bless you all!


Tutoring on Holiday

Jambo everyone!

Hope you are all fine. I am now on holiday and it’s time for tutoring. I have been trying my best in school but still need help with math class and physics class, which I am tutoring for.

On this holiday I have also been in the village helping my grandparents with farm work and home chores. I really had a good time with them.

In the next term I am expecting to have national exams for Form II, which will promote me to Form III next year.

Let me know more about you!

Have a good day!!




On Holiday


I am now on holidays. I have planned to review all that I learned this year so that I won’t have any trouble next year when I will be in Form Two (grade 9); this is when I will sit for national exams.

I am now at the guest house in Moshi town with my friends from the orphanage updating my Blog. I came from my village this morning to be here with everyone else and I will leave later in the evening for my village where I will get to see and spend time with my relatives.

I hope you are all having a wonderful moment with your families. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!