Joseph’s back to school update


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I’m doing well

I am now at school and studying hard and I am still taking the following precautions to prevent the spread of COVID19:

1: wash your hands with clean water 

2: wear mask every time 

3: avoid shaking hands with another person 

I also want to inform you that I did the field exam. It was very hard but I passed. My dream is to become an engineer and I will do my best so that I can archive my goals. 

I’m in my second year of college now, and I will be graduating next year. Since the first year, I have learnt a lot of things such as how to open a car engine and how to fix it. Also how to fix the alternator. The alternator is an electrical generator which converts mechanical energy in the form of alternating current, so without the alternator the car cannot move. 

As MAD has supported me with basic care and quality education, I also want to help children who can’t afford basic needs and make sure they have a safe place to stay, as well as supporting others in reaching their goals.  

Lastly, I want to say thank you very much for supporting me with my education. It has been so amazing. Thank you very much and may god bless you all and your families. 





Joseph’s Update 2020

Hi all

I hope you are fine, I am also fine.

I am doing well with my studies at Arusha Technical College where I am studying automotive and working towards my dream of becoming an engineer. I joined Arusha Technical College in january 2019, so that means I have just completed my first year. So far, I have learned how to fix a car engine, how to drive and how to fix the gearbox.My favorite classes are Theory, English, and Practical. My schooling will help me to become a good engineer, so that I can help people to fix their car. Now I am about to join my second year and I will be graduating by the end of 2021. I am so happy to be studying at Arusha Technical College. Thank you very much to you all for supporting me with my education.

Love Joseph 


Joseph summer 2019 update

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I am doing fine.

The main theme of writing this blog is to inform you that I have joined Arusha Technical College, where I study automotive. I started my college education in January and since then I have learned about: how to fix an engine and how to take out the petrol from within the car.

The other thing I would like to tell you is about my subjects. At the moment, I have 8 subjects such as math, engineering science, lifeskills, english, geography and automotive engineering. My favorite subjects are engineering science and automotive engineering. I really enjoy studying at this school as I get to do a lot of practical work in the workshop, where I can test out the theories that I learn in the classroom. In the end, I would like to become a good engineer. Last month, I had exams where the results will be announced after one month.

Thank you for supporting me with my education.


During my holiday

Hi everyone,
I am now in school. School opened on Jan 8th and we had closed for one month. During my holiday, I met my grandmother and other relatives. We celebrated Christmas and New Year and all of my relatives were at home. We also helped with house chores.
At school we usually compete for sports with different schools. We exercise once per week so as to get well prepared and I’m sure we will win the match. I’m now in grade ten.


It’s time for our biggest football match


Next week on Wednesday we are going to have the final football match between Form 3 versus Form 2.

This is exciting because last year I was on the team that won by 3 points. So, we are hoping that we get to practice quite a lot before the match. My position is Winger, which is number 11, and it is my job to support the middle numbers. I need to be fast and and accurate with passes to be good in this role – and there is a lot of running!

My favourite subjects are still Biology and Geography – I will share my national exam results after November.



Talk about school and visions.

Hi everyone,

I am now in school and we have closed the school today on Wednesday. My position in class is 18 out of 24 students and my average is 373. My past average was 421. We have closed for two weeks, then we come back to school for tutoring. The tutoring helps us to improve our average in school. In our school we practice how to speak English, because English is used in most of the schools. Also in my English subject I have got a B, physics C ad biology B. My vision when I grow up is to be a doctor. I want to help other people in a village. In our school we have a basketball court and we practice. Our teacher teaches us how to play basketball. Next term we would like to visit some place like Morogoro. We want to visit there because it is a big village. I have not been to this village and the trip would be good, because we will see people from a different village and develop new friendships.

By Joseph Tesha
May 2016


How it is going in school

Hi everyone,

We have closed the school today on Thursday 24/3/2016. Form two have closed for two weeks only, then we come back to school. We come back to school because form two are going to do national exam and form four will also come back to school for tutoring. We need tutoring in order to improve our subject marks. In our school, we have a basketball field and we play every Wednesday afternoon. Also in our school we practice how to speak English, because the English language is the most common language used in the world. The English language can make a student know how to introduce himself/herself. The English language is taught in most schools. This is good, because most of the visitors that come to our school speak the English language. In our school we also have visit day. The visit day is done after three weeks. On visit day we see our parent or the parent comes to school and sees their students. On visit day parents are not allowed to bring a phone to the student because phones can cause a student to fail or make a student do bad things.
My position in class is 18 out of 24 and my average is 373. My past average was 421. In this term I have dropped, but it is not bad, because I can do better than this. The subject that made me drop was math, because I was doing an exercise, but I did not understand it. The subjects that made my average go higher was biology, physics and chemistry. My vision is to be a doctor. In order to improve my subject, I would like to go to the tutor. The tutor can help me make my average good. In my national exam I will improve. I would like to get A in physics and B in biology. In order to improve my position in class, I need to do practice math exercises and ask more questions.
By Joseph Tesha
March 2016


Motivated By Form Four Graduation


I am Joseph. We have closed school on November 27th 2015 until next year. I will be in Form Two as I have finished Form One. I hope in Form Two I will improve my grades.

My holiday in term one was good because I visited my grandparents and my friends at home. My grandparents were happy because they know I will help them as they are old. On my last holiday, I visited places like Arusha because my brother and sister wanted me to stay with them.

This year in our school, Form Fours graduated and we enjoyed it a lot because we get motivated that we will graduate one day also. Probably my graduation will come in 2018. I am eager waiting for it as it allows me to move to the next level.

In this holiday I would like to visit my friends. Also I would like to visit Mombasa as my uncle lives there. On my last visit to Arusha, I saw animals like camels and donkeys.

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year 2016