Jonas’ Update 2019

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Hello everyone,

I started my 1 year certificate program for Wildlife Management in October 2018. I am doing well in my studies and enjoying learning about wildlife. The classes I have taken have been very interesting, and included bird identification by their calls, sounds, and feather colors. I have also learned about the different mammals by their size, gender, horns, habitats, scat, feeding habits, and how they interact with the rest of the ecosystem. We also have learned about invertebrates (an animal without a backbone), which includes ¾ of the animals in the world. It’s also important to know the different plants and be able to identify them from the different environments, such as the savannas, deserts, and others.

I have also been learning communication skills to interact with the wildlife guests and visitors, as well as the different people in an office. This includes how to speak with people at the same rank or level as well as people at a higher level. I have also been learning the Microsoft Office suite, which I will use to help with counting the animals as well as tracking guests to the park.

This semester I have been learning about tour guiding, firearms, mathematics, ecology, field outdoor skills. I am learning how to take care of myself when I am out on patrol, wildlife law enforcement, and wildlife management for the protected areas, the parks, and game reserves. I will be doing a field safari in July and I am looking forward to it.


Some things I’m good at, the story behind my name & my future

Hi everyone!

Some things I’m good at include singing, debating and racing. Mostly, I like singing and racing. I used to sing different songs. I’m fastest in running. I like debating because it helps me improve my English and makes me more confident.

The story behind my name is that my father thought my mother was going to give a baby girl but by fortune it was a baby boy. They named me Gift and my baptism and official name is Jonas, which means Gift from God. I was a Gift to my family.

My biggest dream for the future is to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because in Tanzania there are a few doctors. I want to work in many hospitals all over the world.


I’m very happy to announce that…..

Hi everyone!!!
I’m very happy to announce that in 2017 I t will be graduating from secondary school! Also, I’m so proud that all of my Make A Difference peers will be graduating with me as well. Within this last year of my secondary school, I will be undertaking national examinations. After exams, I will be on a long holiday waiting for the results which will be determine my next level of education joining advanced level (the last two years of school before college). For now, I’m doing well with my studies.

During my last holiday I spent time with my grandmother and she was very happy to hear that I will be graduating this year. This will be the second graduation in my life. The first one was from primary school!


After August holiday

Hi everyone,
I am in school for my last term in Form Three (10th grade). I have only two more terms in my ordinary level education. I am studying hard so that I can get good grades. My favorite subjects are physics, geography, mathematics, chemistry and biology. In this term we have a lot of interesting events like visiting day and graduation. I am so happy to say this because next year I will be celebrating my graduation! I welcome all next year to celebrate with me.


So far in July


Last time I updated my blog I had just taken the Tanzanian national exams at Royal Academy in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, History, Civics and Kiswahili.

This week we have again taken most of our exams – which has meant a busy few weeks for us all with a lot of study and preparation! So far I received the best result in History and we will receive more results next week. I like History as a subject because it is interesting to learn about the experiences of people in the past.

Tomorrow is our school sports day which I’m looking forward to! I get to have fun and play football, which I enjoy because of the friendly competition. I hope that my team wins but we will have to wait and see what the result is.

At the moment in Tanzania it has been quite cold, but the warmer weather is just around the corner – the nights are nicer now!

Thanks for supporting me with my education and I’ll share the rest of my exam results in my next blog update.



Mock and National Exams

Hi everyone!

I am very happy to approach the end of a peaceful year which had many things to do. We did our mock exams as the Form Twos and the Form Fours did theirs. The Form Fours worked hard to improve their grades in their National Examinations. I used to study hard so that I could pass the Form Two National Exams to be allowed to continue with the O Level education. I am so happy because I know I will pass my exams to continue with grade 10. The mock exam was just simple like a test if you were well prepared. Teachers always say that the mock examination is harder than the national examinations, but it is not always the case.

For now we are on a long holiday for December. We are back to our villages to have time with our grandparents and other relatives.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016

May God bless us to reach the new year.


Graduated from “O” Level

Hi Everyone,

Wooh! I am back again from school and it has been a long time since I have posted in my blog. Well, the school is nice but fun enough. I have just graduated from my “O” level (11th grade equivalent) school that is Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I have really enjoyed it. We had cakes and it was fine.

I am now looking for “A” level schools. Thank you for supporting me until now when I have finished my “O” level subjects.

Thanks very much,



What Jonas Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 Sun glasses
1 Blanket
1 Graph pad
1 Sports shoes
1 Sports socks
1 School sports t-shirt
1 Back pack
1 Eraser
3 Counter books
5 Exercise books
5 Pencils
1 Shoe polish
7 Pens
1 Sharpener
1 Ruler
1 Wash cloth
1 Towel
4 Body soaps
1 Toothbrush
6 Toothpastes (small)
2 Laundry soap bars
2 Vests
2 Boxers
2 Glue sticks
1 Graph pad
1 Laundry soap powders
1 Shoe brush
1 Padlock

Thanks so much for your support!


Sports Day

Hi Everyone!
Today I am at the guesthouse for holiday from school. I studied hard in school and am trying my best.

The past term at school had many things like Sports Day, which was held July 18th. I played basketball and raced. The day was very interesting to many people. There were many games like football, netball, volleyball, and handball. All games were played and the day was good to me.

On the 1st of August I am going to my village to meet my grandmother an grandfather with the other relatives and friends. Before I get to go to my home place we have a guardian meeting with Make A Difference. I will come back to school on the 16th of August and we will have the National Examinations.

I leave all my benedictions to all of you!