Volunteering During My Holiday

Hi everyone!!!! 

I hope everyone is doing well. I am doing well.

I am studying to become a pharmacist at KCMC, where I am going to continue my second year of diploma on October 21st. My last courses were pharmacology, compounding, medical store, law and ethic and inorganic chemistry. My favourite course is Medical store. Throughout my studies I have learnt how to take care of different patients and how to speak politely to the patients.

Now I am on my holiday for one month and half. During my holiday, I am volunteering at Faraja hospital, a private hospital in Himo. I am helping in dispensing of medicine and giving instructions to patients on how to take his or her medication and counselling the patient.

I want to use my education to educate everyone, especially in my community, that illness does not only need to be treated with medication, but others need supplementary medication for example by drinking a lot of water or eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. Thank you everyone for your support in my education.

May Mighty God bless you all.                                                    

Love Innocent!! 


Innocent’s Update 2019

Innocent's Card.jpg

Hi everyone!

In November 2017 I graduated secondary school education (ordinary level). During my holiday I took a computer course with the help of MAD for the first three months of my holiday. During my computer course I learned Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point. The course was really nice and I am grateful for it.

The next four months I went to preform 5. During the holiday from preform 5 I was at the village helping my grandparents with home activities, but I was still bored so I talked with my relative to find for me something to keep me busy but nothing happened at that time. I was praying and searching for something keep me busy and then that month a friend of my parents from the past came and she talked to me and helped me with my driving fees so I completed my driving course.

Then I went to Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, although I considered a lot of colleges with science courses. I started my classes there in October 2018. During college I use a lot of Microsoft Word for different activities. My favorite class was diseases and dispensing, which was very helpful to prepare for field activities. I am about to finish my first year of 3 years of pharmacy school.

Other activities I like to do are jogging and watching action movies. I also have friends and we study together. I also have two brothers and one sister, my brother Jonas is studying to be a tour guide.

Thank you everyone!


My Future Dream

Hi everyone!!!

Some things I’m good at include playing football, running(athletics), playing basketball, and arts (drawing). My favorite sport is playing football (American soccer). I like playing football because it makes my body strong and capable. Also football it is the most popular game played in the world which many countries play. At school, I have a lot of friends. Such friends include Denis, Ally, Musa, Fadhili, Shabani, Charles, Severin and others. I like Musa the most because he is kind, helpful and polite.

My future dream is to be an engineer. I like this goal because it is the best dream I have ever dreamed. Also , engineers create new things something which I like doing. I like this because in Tanzania we have a few engineers.


I’m doing well with my 11th grade studies

Hi everyone !!!

I’m doing well with my form four/grade eleven studies. My favorite subjects are Chemistry and Physics and I’m trying my best to achieve my dreams. On Wednesday of each week I participate in sports and I like playing football in order to take care of my body.
The school will held a small party to welcome new students to school in February 18th. The meals of that day will be special and we will eat, drink, dance and praise God for giving us strength and power. We will enjoy a lot as school.


At school

Hi everyone!!!!
It has been so long since I wrote my blog. Now I am in school for my third term in grade ten. I am studying very hard and I will do well in my subjects. The subjects which I am good at are mathematics, physics, chemistry and civics. I understand these subjects very well. I hope to perform well at school. Here in my school I have made a wide variety of friends. All of my friends help me with my studies. My friends are Desdery, Andrew, Brenda, Richard and Joyner. All of them are fine and they are so helpful. I like having fun with my friends and I love them so much because they are very helpful. They explain to me the subjects which I haven’t understood at class.
In terms of sports, I really like running, playing football and basketball. I am good at those sports.


I did and will always do my best

Hi everyone,
In my national examination I did well, because I did my best in doing revision and asking questions. I got a GPA of 4.0 in my national examination.
I am in grade ten. In this grade which I am in now some things are difficult, but I will do my best to make them easy. I wish in grade eleven to have a GPA of 4.9 out of 5.0. I always trust God.
I am also active in playing sports. The kinds of sports which I always play when I am in School and home are playing basketball, playing soccer or football, running and riding a bicycle. These kind of sports are more interesting to play and watch.
I wish to be a great engineer in my future. My goal is to support and help orphan children like me. May God bless me and my future jobs. The purpose of being and engineer is to support the country, so it has it’s own different machines. Our country has few machines to work with and few industries.
I just want to say thanks for the education which you have been giving to me.
May God bless you.
By Innocent
June 2016






Finished All Examinations

Hi Everyone!

I have already finished all my examinations which I have done this term. I have done the mock examination and the result came out that I was position (5) five out of 22 students in our school. Our school has been in position 8 out of 45 schools in Vunjo district. On 16th November this year we started the National Examination. Our results will come out in February of the next year. This national exam will show you if you will continue to the next class or repeat the current class.

All of the exams which we did were normal. And now we are in school just reading only. We are closing school on 27th November this year. We are going for holiday for Christmas and New Year.

This holiday I am going to celebrate with my grandparents and relatives. On this holiday I am going to see all my friends and celebrate with them too.