At school

Hello guys!

How are you doing? I am doing well and feeling cool.
Last year I took my form two national exams by the examination council of Tanzania and results were out by the end of January 2017. My performance was not so good but I’m happy that I was able to move to the next grade. I was not sure that I’d make it to the next class.
At school, we have different sports like football, netball and basketball. I like playing football and my favorite position is playing number one, which is the goal keeper. I like to defend my team and play in matches in leagues according to classes in my school. The winners of the league according to classes normally get a gift given out by the school.
In school, I have a lot of friends who normally assist and help me whenever I have problems. They normally help me in studies and I love them because they show a lot of love and great care to me. I’m also interested in their behaviors which are so charming and lovely. One of these friends is Luciana and she normally helps me any time I have problems.
I am also doing well in my studies and health. That is all I have to report for now until next time.


National exams this week…


We just had our school exams and we are finishing on Monday, so it has been quite busy with a lot of time preparing!

So far we have results for Mathematics and Commerce. In Mathematics I have increased my marks a little and in Commerce my marks were the same. I am feeling better now, but missed a bit of school due to being unwell, so I must study hard in the next 3 months so that I can increase my marks for the national exams in November.

This month we also had Emma visit from Denmark, which I really enjoyed! Emma came to visit us at Royal Academy and she has been taking a lot of photos for Mama Theresa and Facebook. On Emma’s last day we shared our dance moves and gave her a traditional Tanzanian farewell where we sang and prayed. Emma is going to university and we hope she will stay in touch and tell us how she is doing and of course visit us again!

Thank you for supporting me in my education!



To become a good engineer

Hi everyone. I am Gift and I am in form two in Royal secondary school. We have just closed the school for a short holiday. According to me, I have increased my marks at the school. I have passed one, which is chemistry. The subjects I have failed are basic mathematics, physics, bookkeeping and commerce. I have to make sure that on these subjects I do well. I will ask for a private tutor and I will study on my own time. Also, I promise that I will do well and better in my subjects which I have failed.
When I grow up I would like to become a civil engineer. In some of the subjects to become a civil engineer, I have failed. The subjects are physics and basic mathematics. So I promise that on these two subjects I will do well.
The challenges which made me fail my examination are that I don’t ask my friend and teacher questions. Next term I will be asking my friend and my teacher questions, so that I can achieve better grades in my studies.
When I was in primary school, I studied at the Royal school and also in secondary school I am studying at Royal school.
By Gift George
May 2016


School Opens August 30th

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am Gift George and we have closed the school on July 31, 2015. Form One (8th grade equivalent) and Form Three have a holiday of one month. Forms Two and Four will be having a holiday of two weeks. On the 30th of August, 2015 we are going to open our school and on October 10, 2015 there will be a graduation of Form Four.

Last month I hurt myself. My two front teeth came out and I cut my mouth.

We have finished our examinations and I have been number 23 out of 29. My scores are low because I missed six exams because of my injury. I will make those examinations up the first week when school opens.