Exuper’s Update 2019

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I am happy to be back working on my blog. After graduating from secondary school in November 2017, Make A Difference (MAD) provided me with computer classes at ACT (Affordable Computers of Tanzania) for one month. We learned Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher, and a little bit of graphic design.

Then I started college in November 2018 at Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy (KSP) in Moshi. In the first semester, I took seven classes – Anatomy, Calculations, Communication Skills, Computer, Disease Control and Prevention, Pharmaceutical Forms, and Dispensing. My favorite class was Calculations because I like math.  The first semester was very good and lasted six months. At the end of the semester, we had one month of practicals at the hospital in Moshi. In the practicals, we learned how to dispense medicines to patients, how to fill in ledger books, and how to maintain the store of medicine.

In the second semester, I am taking four classes – Pharmocology, Compounding Theory and Practicum, Medical Store, and Law and Ethics in Pharmacy Practice. In a typical day, I go to lecture classes according to the schedules of the tutors, sometimes 8-10am, 11am-1pm, and 2-4pm.

On the weekend, I study and also go to church on Sunday. I live in a hostel at the college. My roommates are also Make A Difference (MAD) students – Shaban, Innocent, and Benny.


I’m very happy to be in grade eleven this year 2017

Hi everyone!!!

I’m very happy to be in grade eleven this year 2017. I’ve been studying very hard because I have to take many exams. The final exam is the national exam in November. Before the national exam I will have a graduation ceremony. All form four (11th grade students) who have graduated from school have a ceremony. In our class there are 25 students who are going to graduate and will be candidates of Tanzanian national examinations for ordinary level (secondary school).
Also, before national examinations we have to conduct a project on a topic that has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Tanzania. The importance of this project to candidates is that it adds five points to the national exams. The administrators of the national exams will then check the project conducted and provide marks according to the quality of writing done by the student. In Tanzania, projects are required and very important for a student to undertake.
Last but not least, I’m very happy with my art skills as they are improving each day. This improvement is a result of learning new techniques of designing and creating things.


At school

Hello everyone!
I am now at school. I am on my last term of the tenth grade. This coming year I will be heading into eleventh grade, which is the final grade of my ordinary level studies. After ordinary level studies, I will join advance level, which is the next level before joining university for my degree. In my class I have 24 mates, 25 in total including me. Five of the students in my class are Make A Difference students and the others are from different places. My friends are the fellow Make A Difference kids and Fadhili. We are preparing for the end of term examinations on November. After doing our examinations, we will start a long Christmas holiday for one month.
In our school, we have a basketball pitch. I really like playing basketball and my fellow MAD students like playing it too. Fadhili who is my friend at school knows how to play basketball too. At school, there are other sports such as football, netball, and volleyball. In our school we do have sports day around mid-July each year. Parents, teachers and students participate playing on that day.
In our school we also have talent day on each Thursday of each week. On Fridays we have debate, which I like it very much. This month we have a graduation ceremony for eleventh grade students. Next year I too will be in eleventh grade. I will be sitting for national examinations and will also have a graduation ceremony.
With lots of love


5 A’s, 2 B+’s and 2 B’s

Hello everyone!!!!
Now I am at school in the tenth grade. Before I did a national examination in ninth grade which allowed me to promote to the next class which is tenth grade. My results were as follows:
Mathematics – A
Chemistry – A
Physics – B+
Kiswahili – B
Geography – B+
Biology – A
English – A
History – B
Civics – A
From the above grades I got a distinction of 4.7 where the highest is 5.0. I was in position 2 out of 22 students. Therefore I managed to promote from ninth grade to tenth grade.
Even the grades from the last tests were good, which are for the tenth grade. My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, also I like Geography too.
My goal for the future is that I would like to be a pilot, if not a Pilot, an engineer and also I am a very good artist.
In our school nowadays we have Inter-classes league which is known as Royal league. We have been competing since April. The results are as follows:
Tenth grade – 16 points
Eleventh grade – 13 points
Ninth grade – 17 points
Eight grade – 4 points
The league is still going on. we don’t which class is going to win.

I appreciate sharing with with you all about my life and my studies.
Thank you
June 2016




Shifting to Grade 10

Hi everyone !!!!

I am very, very fine and hope all of you are fine too. I am now shifting grades that is from grade 9 to grade 10 in 2016. We started our grade 9 national examination on 16th November and we finished on 20th November. The subjects which we sat for are Kiswahili, Civics, Geography, Mathematics, History, Chemistry, English, Biology and Physics. We will receive our results next year, that is 2016. Our grades are arranged in the form of Distinction, Merits, Credit, Pass, and lastly is Failure.The highest one is Distinction. It is my hope that I am going to do very well. Another thing is that we did our mock examination and I did very well. The grade which I got is Distinction.

We are going to have a holiday of one month which is in December. On that holiday we are going to have Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Lastly, Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.



What Exuper Received

In the past four months I’ve received I’ve received the following items:

1 Sunglasses
1 Laundry soap powder
1 Sports shoes
1 Sports socks
1 School sports t-shirt
1 Eraser
3 Counter books
9 Exercise books
3 Pencils
1 Shoe polish
7 Pens
1 Sharpener
1 Ruler
1 Wash cloth
1 Towel
1 Body soap
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste
1 Laundry soap bars
3 Vests
1 Lotion
1 Laundry soap powder
1 Graph pad
1 Blanket
2 Glue sticks

Thank you everyone!


Position 4

Hi Everyone!
Now I am in the MAD guesthouse working on my blog program. We are on holiday for two weeks because we are in grade nine and we are going to do national examinations this year. My performance in school is very good. My favorite subjects are chemistry and geography.

We are 22 students in our class and I have taken position 4 out of those. Our class, which is grade nine, is the talented class in our school. Also, I am very excited because my art has improved a lot.

My grades are good and in the coming term I need to improve much in basic mathematics and physics because those subjects are the ones letting my marks go down.