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Starting a new chapter as a student at University of Edinburgh.


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing good. I am doing well.

I am writing to give my gratitude to you for your support during my high school life when I was studying International Baccalaureate (IB) at International School Moshi. It was quite a journey full of lessons, challenges and fun. From my high school studies, I gained new perspectives in life which improved my values. I learned new skills such as swimming, debating and playing tennis. For that and much more, I am thankful.

Now I am moving on to a new chapter, a new university in a new country. After I graduated high school, I applied to University of Edinburgh and I got accepted on a full scholarship from The MasterCard Foundation. I am so happy and grateful for the given chance to study Business with Enterprise and Innovation in the University of Edinburgh. Being an entrepreneur has always been my dream. My country, Tanzania, is full of potentials and as a citizen, I look forward exploring the potentials we have for the development of our nation. So, by studying Business with Enterprise and Innovation, I believe I can reach my goal.

University of Edinburgh provides the students with a nice environment to study in. Having to study in such a peaceful and diverse environment gets me excited. I look forward to explore my course and the universities resources, so I can increase my knowledge, skills and my values as a person.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

God bless you always.


Esther Mndeme.


Esther’s Blog

September 2018

I feel very happy and lucky to get MAD Scholarship as I can pursue my dreams and explore knowledge in various ways. Through that, I can assist my community to eliminate different problems that prevail in it, for example, poor educational systems and facilities.

Many things have changed since I joined MAD. I go to an international school which is like a dream comes true. Studying in International school Moshi opened me up to diversity, being open-minded and a risk taker. I get all my necessities which I am very grateful for that.

Before joining MAD, I wanted to go to school and I used to go to a public school. I worked hard so that I can achieve my ambitions and luckily I got a scholarship which has greatly intrigued my drive as now I can concentrate more on my studies.

I am excited about the future as I get to live my dreams and assist the ones in need with the achievements I gained. I don’t want to be scared although I sometimes do, thinking of all responsibilities as an adult, I want to face the future with positivity and great energy.

I believe education is the key to success and liberty. This motivates me to go to school so as I can be successful and liberty myself and others.

Life in the village is more traditional as there are no many social services like schools, health centers, infrastructure, and electricity. People rely on agriculture as their source of income and food.

My current favorite classes at school are economics and chemistry, and my most challenging class is physics