Eliona’s Update 2019

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Hi Guys,

How are you doing? This is my blog talking about after my graduation. I had a nice long holiday. I love staying with my family and other relatives during this time. I help them work in their gardens. The results came out for the national exam in the beginning of March. With these results I decided to apply to Ushirika, a school for people who want to be accountants ( it’s on your left hand side when coming from KCMC). When I went to Ushirika, I enjoyed the environment with the pretty flowers and green wet gardens and high buildings. While on my visit I saw different lecture halls and luckily I met one of the lecturers who will be teaching me in September, which is the month I will be starting my first year in college. Another thing that I did over my holiday was a trip visiting my friend and I went with him to Arusha hotel. At the hotel we swam and ate lunch and it was a lot of fun. I was there for about three to four days and then I came back to Moshi town. After that, I got a chance to visit the Kenya border with one of my friends and it was so exciting. At the Kenya border was a small lake with a lot of crocodiles.


The Country I’d like to go, my best friend and my favorite food

Hi guys,

a) Which country do I want to go and why?
The country that I want to go is the United States so that I can visit the city of San Francisco. The United States is one of the most beautiful countries with polite and obedience people. They are so helpful and trustful in terms of provision of education and it is a better country that has quality education. Also, in terms of cleanliness and beautiful environment, you can not find an environment which is dirty.

b) My best friend
My best best friend is Mr. Misheto because he is a good teacher. He teaches me Mathematics and helps me to solve different kinds of equations. He likes jokes and he is always smiling.

c) My favorite food
My favorite food is Makange. It is a mixture of rice with cooked vegetables, like spinach, carrots, milk, soup and tomatoes. The major appeal of this meal is that it increases the body temperature when it is cold.

Eliona with his friend


I sat for my national exams

Hello everyone!

We opened school on the 8th of Jan and classes resumed on the following day Jan 9th. Last year I sat for my national exams. Results were due at the beginning of this year and I found out that I passed well with division one. My exams results showed that I did very well in science and business subjects.I decided to opt for science classes. I’m in tenth grade for now and hoping to graduate next year.


I Learned a New Game Called, “Chase”


This term, our school is coming up with different games and sports. They invented a game called, “Chase”. I love the game so much and it great exercise!

We’re now in our third term at school! I have been studying very hard so that I can get prepared for my mock examinations which help me practice for our national examinations in Tanzania. For government schools, mock exams have been eliminated. Government schools are only preparing for the actual national exams. They don’t get any practice exam. This term I am very busy preparing for my national examinations which are coming up soon in November!

Recently there was a graduation ceremony for standard seven (7th grade) students which was conducted on September 9th. Many students participated and there was dancing, singing etc. I enjoyed observing it all!

Thank you to all the people out there who are helping make it possible for us to go to school. Write me a letter or participate in MAD’s monthly Skype calls. I love getting photos and letters!


Chicken, chips, and cooking tips!


This week at Royal we have taken some of our national exams. On my Maths paper I have increased my grade but still need to improve more. I have improved in Geography and Chemistry a lot. Today we did Bookkeeping, which is a hard subject with a lot of calculations!

I still want to be a doctor and think I would like to specialise in an area to do with the brain ,as it’s so interesting and can really help people.

Tomorrow at sports day we are going to have chips (french fries), which is really exciting! I enjoy cooking and used to help Pina (house cook at MAD’s guest house) with cooking at the guesthouse occasionally – my favorite food that I like to eat is chapati, which I roll with some vegetables, salt, and beef inside then it’s fried in oil… it’s delicious!

Emma has been visiting us from Denmark and now Lisa has arrived from Australia. It’s fun having visitors come and talk to us, helping us with our blog entries and taking photos! I like using the cameras and taking photos also.



Thank You For Everything

Hi Guys!

I hope you are fine. Thank you for everything. We have already closed school. This year is a wonderful holiday like I have never seen before. Now we are at the guesthouse celebrating with a holiday party. I am very happy to see my fellow MAD students.

When I went home I spent my time talking with my guardians about my education. They were proud of me. The thing I do in my village is to help them with different programs. They were proud of my hard work.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Holiday and Homework

Hi guys!
How are you doing? We have already closed the school to day on Friday, the 31st. Now we at the guest house. Before we closed school we had a Sports Day with our parents, relatives, and all other members of the Royal School. We sat for our exam last week. The exam was very good and I am position 10 out of 29.

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be returning to Royal School for a meeting. We usually have a guardian meeting after every close of the school. The aim of the meeting is to talk about the results of our exams, what we are good at, what we like, etc. The meeting will start at 9:30 in the morning and end at 3:40 in the afternoon. Then after the meeting all the Kilimanjaro Kids will be able to go to their village to see their relatives and others for the holiday.

We have a different date than others to return back to school. We are going to return on 30.8.2014. Form 2 (9th grade) and Form 4 (11th grade) will return back to school on 16.8.2015. Why they return very early is because they will have an exam soon so they should go for tutoring. Form 1 (8th grade) and Form 3 will remain for a long holiday.

We also have some work to do. Teachers decided to give us some homework and some materials for our holiday because they say that we should not be going home to rest. When I am on my holiday I will make sure that I do all my homework and read a lot so that I can be number one.