I am in the village with my grandmother. My form four holiday was really nice. I had a lot of fun at home with my relatives. When the form four result came out, I was very happy that I passed well on my examination. I am going to join A level education at St Amedeus secondary school. I chose this school because it is in a good location. It has a good condition for studying. I am going to start classes on the 22nd of May. I am waiting to go back to school to have new friends.
In my holiday I was working with my grandmother in the farm. I also taught my young brother chemistry and biology.
I am going shopping to go back to school. Ready to start classes again. When I complete my studies, I will be working in community works.
By Edward
May 2016


Form four completed

Hi everyone.
I am very happy that I have completed form four. I have Division one 7 point 16.
I am taking this chance to thank you all for supporting me in my education. I have completed interview with Rosmini Secondary School. I plan to start tutoring next month in Moshi.
By Edward


A level education and a big thanks

Hi everyone.
My form four results are out and I have Division 19 point 16. I have applied for A level education. I am going to study at St Amedeus school which is in Kilimanjaro. I plan to do better than in ordinary school.
Thank you guys for helping me and supporting me with my school fees. You have made my life better and may God bless you.
With love from Edward
May 2016


Graduated Ordinary Level


We are at Royal School having a meeting with the parents/guardians and MAD workers.

I have completed my ordinary level education (grade 11) and I am at home. On 17th October we had a graduation. I was very happy to complete my ordinary level education. We had our mock examination which I got a GPA 4.0.

We are leaving for the Christmas holiday. I am happy to go and see my grandmother.

I am planning to go and help to teach at the primary school in the village from next year. I will also be working with other people in the society to help with cleanness at the village hospital.

Thank you all for supporting me. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Heading Back to School, By Edward

Hello Everyone!!
How are you all?

We are now at MAD guest house collecting some of the things we need for school. Tomorrow we are going back to school, my holiday was for ten days.I went to spend my Easter with my grandmother at the village. On Easter day I really enjoyed seeing all my friends and relative happy. We had a small party at home and everyone enjoyed being together. when we go back to school we are going to sit for Mock examinations that will be on May 18th and our form 4 national examination is going to be on 2nd of November 2015. I am really working hard to get goods grades in my national examination.

Bye bye!
See you next time
With love Edward.


ISM With Friends

Hello everyone!

Hope all are doing well. I have just started my Christmas break.

Yesterday, my friends and I went to ISM. We did some swimming, played basketball and had lunch with some of Revo’s friends. We really had fun yesterday!

My time in school this year was great. I succeed in following up on my plans and everything was just fine.

School reopens on 14th of January. I will have missed my friends by then, so it will be nice to get to see them again.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014!