I’m fine and doing well with my studies

Hi everyone,

My name is Christopher and I am from Tanzania. I’m fine and doing well with my studies. I’m a 16 years old student. My favorite color is dark green because my favorite tree is dark green. Also I like this color because it absorbs light and does not reflect light.

A country which I’d like to visit in the world is China. This is because China is the country which its population is greater than other countries. Also, I like to do Kung Fu which is practised in China

Something which makes me happy is when someone does good things for me, like helping me, singing to me and telling me jokes. I like jokes so much and also I like to watch cartoon videos like Tom and Jerry.

Christopher (to the left) with two of his friends at Royal School


During our last holiday

Hi everyone
I am doing well since my last blog. During our last holiday from school I stayed in the Singida Region of Tanzania which is eight hours from Kilimanjaro region. In Singida, I met my aunt, uncle, cousins and my grandmother. They were all so excited to see me. I stayed there for almost three weeks and we celebrated Christmas and New Year together. Despite all happiness we were sharing with my relatives, on Jan 2nd, the sister of my grandmother passed away. I went to the burial ceremony and after burial I returned back to Kilimanjaro to prepare for school which opened on Jan 8th.
At school I met my friends. Our form two national results by the national examinations council of Tanzania were due and I was so excited to pass with division one which is the best score in Tanzania ( A’s and B’s). I’m now in the 10th grade.


Chat about school

I am well from last term. My studies are going well. Now I am in form two class in Royal secondary school. I am a candidate this year to move to form three, so I will have examinations from outside the school. I have many things to learn so I can pass. In this term, we had our exams and my performance was not bad. I was in position nine out of the twenty four students in our class. We are now in Royal school with our parent and guardians in the meeting. After we all finish the meeting, we will go home to our village to see our relatives. This term the subjects which have given me challenges are: math, geography and physics. I will make sure, that I perform well in these subjects by listening to peoples advise and doing revisions. Our school will be opened officially on the 24th of April, but for form two and form four the school will open on the 10th of April. Thank you.
By Christopher Richard
March 2016


Going Into Grade Nine

Hi everyone!

We have closed school for the third holiday this year. We really enjoy our holidays. We are now at the MAD guesthouse celebrating with a holiday party with the other MAD kids. We are so happy to have such an opportunity.

In 2016 I will be in grade 9. The school will be opened early in January, 2016 on the 3rd. I will be a candidate for grade 9 National Examinations. I will have to work so hard to have a good performance, which will allow me to move to the next grade.