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Christina’s back to school update


Hello everyone!

All universities opened officially on the 1st of June. The president gave out the announcement and instructions about how everyone should keep safe when going back to the university. The universities should put a big tank of water where students can wash their hands daily in and out of the campus as well as wearing masks. 

The first week back was for registrations for all students whereas the classes started in the second week. This is my second semester which will be ending at the end of July. The first semester, I had subjects such as public administration, management, human resources management, business mathematics and communication skills. For the second semester, I had subjects such as local government, development studies, organization behaviour, human resources, planning and accounts. 

Now every teacher gives four hours of teaching, before it was two hours, but in order to keep up with all the lessons after being sent home due to the corona virus outbreak, they have to double the teaching. We also have tests, individual assignments and group assignments which all carry out 50 marks and the final exam also carries out 50 marks. We did some tests and individual assignments, but the results are not out. I will share them with you all when they are out. 

I am working hard in order to fulfill my goals by doing good in school and having good grades.

Love you all, 



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Christina summer 2019 update

It’s me Christina and I am back for holiday from the university. I am studying Human Resource Management because I want to become a Human Resource Manager. I am studying at Mzumbe University in the Mbeya region. 

In order for me to study Human Resource Management I had to take a course: PUB (in general, known as the core subjects) which are office management, training and development, supervisor and leadership and leadership style. I had to take other subjects as well such as Account, labour laws, communication skills, business mathematics and customer services. My favorite subject are the core subjects that means PUB.

In my first semester, I got a B in Elements of Accounting and Financial Management, B in Communication Skills In Management, B+ in Supervisory Skills and Leadership Skills, B+ in Elementary Mathematics and Statistics. In my second semester, I got an A in Introduction to Customer Services Management, A in Labour Law and Labour Relation, A in Organizational Behavior, B+ in Human Resource Training and Development and an A in Office Procedures and Records Management. This led to a GPA of 4.3 for my first year.

Through the year that I had while studying, I have learned a lot of things such as how to handle a customer, how to lead people, how to become the best manager at a certain company.

At the moment, I am on holiday, but I will continue with my diploma in Human Resource Management from October at the same university. I dream of always doing my best and make a difference in my life and in other people’s lives like Make A Difference has made a lot of difference in mine. Therefore, I do prayers, study hard and the rest I leave to God.

                 Thank you so much, 

                                                      Love, Christina

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I have a lot of fun things to tell you…

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of fun things to tell you. First of all, I’m in the eleventh grade, which is the last grade in my secondary school (high school) and I’m expecting to graduate on October. Our graduation ceremony will include a lot amazing and joyful events. My Christmas vacation went well. I had a lot of time to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my relatives and neighborhood family friends. I helped my relatives with household chores and also participated in sports and games. The sport I like the most is basketball and I also love watching football. My role model is Lebron James, because I love the way he dribbles the ball, dazzles and how he dunks the basketball into the basket. He is really a professional player and a great inspiration to my sports career.
Concerning my life at school, I am really studying hard as I would like to have A pass grades in almost all of my subjects. I believe this is achievable as I am truly studying hard and cooperating with my classmates in group discussions. I can see my dreams being met soon. I’ll become happier once I join high school which here in Tanzania we call advanced level and continue with my studies until university.
Much love to you all!!!!

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I’m back again

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog! I’m back again with a lot of interesting stories about friends, school, sports and talents.

Recent Picture of Christina!

Academically for my last term exams, I was position 6 out of 24 students. Though I maintained the same position, my grades are higher than previously. During my last holiday, I really enjoyed it because I was able to meet with my mother and friends. I had a very good time with my friends Rahma, Amina, Lucyiana, Faughia and Brightness. In addition to spending time with friends, I created my own study schedule so that I can perform better in school than before.
In terms of sports, I really enjoy playing basketball with my friends, watching football matches and riding bicycles. Also, I have got talents like shaking while dancing and acting.

Love you all!

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“I will become Jordan one day”

Hi everyone
I am back with a new blogpost.
I really want to share my national exam results with you guys. I had a lot of preparation before my National exams, that’s why I did well as a student in Royal Secondary School. I got a GPA of 3.7. The subjects I did well and got an ‘A’ in is Biology and English. I got ‘B’ in Kiswahili, Art subjects (Civics, Geography and History), Chemistry and Physics. I know that I am perfect in these subjects. In Mathematics I really did very bad, but I know I will be perfect in this subject as well. God did wonders to me and I do wonders to him by studying very hard.
Also I would like to say that I really like basketball and I really appreciate this game, cause it is in my heart that I will become Jordan one day.
The more I practice the more I get new skills of handling the ball. I am good at scoring, in a game I can score more than 20 goals.
Although I am getting much trouble, I find a way of solving them so that I can do better in basketball like the people of America.
Nowadays I am in 10th grade. In this grade you have to choose subjects, I picked science subjects, because I want to be a professional doctor, when I finish my studies. I conclude myself as a kind, loving, helpful person and that I can do better in any trouble that comes in front of my eyes. For MAD, I can say that I really appreciate the organization for giving me all these opportunities that I am having now.
Our school has a technology center, library, laboratory, good environment and well and education teachers. This helps all students improve their performance from low to high grade.
The best thing I had from my teachers is that I can do better and I can manage to achieve higher grades.
Love much
June 2016


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Will Be In 10th Grade

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I wrote on my blog but today I am back again.

As I can start, have a good, beautiful and awesome day. I love you. Also by saying that I am in 9th grade but probably I will be in 10th grade next year if God wishes.

Here I am doing well. I did my National Exams and I think the results will be coming next year in February and I know I will be going to have As in the exam. We are going to close our school today on 27th Nov and we shall go home to celebrate MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR (2016). For sure I will be going to our village to have fun with my relatives during Christmas & Happy New Year together.

This year (2015) we had an election of a new president and we have a new president who is HONORABLE JOHN POMBE MAGAFULI. Also we had a Councillor tour our village who is Honorable JAMES FRANCIS MBATTA and so many others.

I plan next year to play basketball as it is my favorite game. I would like to become a famous girl in this game and I know that I can do it for sure by Almighty Lord’s will. Also next year I will be in grade 10. I would like to join science subjects because I would like to become a doctor when I finish my studies.

Have a sweet Christmas and Happy New Year…

Make A Difference will come soon!!

Smile forever.

Love you all…

See you next/meet you next blog if God wishes.

“2016” favorite year to all of you my beloved ones.



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What I’ve Been Doing at School

Hi guys!
It’s just been a long time without me writing my blog, but now I am back. Starting today on 31st July we have closed school. I am going to talk about all the things I was doing or reacting to at school.

When I was at school I really enjoyed playing basketball. This game was my favorite one. Also, I had to exchange my ideas with my fellow students and teachers in order to do better in my studies. According to my performance in this term, I became #7 out of 22 students. But I need to do better than this next term.

We had again a SPORTS DAY together with our teachers and our parents. We really enjoyed it and danced together. There were many games like handball, basketball, volleyball, but for me I just participated in basketball, handball, and races. Madam Nancy came and she enjoyed the day with us.

On 1st August (Saturday) we will have a meeting with our guardian at Royal School, which will be held by Nancy from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm. After that we will go back to our village to visit our relatives.

For now, as you know, I am in “9th” grade. According to this grade we will have mock exams and national exams. I am going to go back to school on the 16th for sure. I have just closed the school for two weeks, at home, and the third week I am going to go back to school. Probably next year I am going to be in 10th grade and will be very happy.

Here in Tanzania every day on 8th August we celebrate what we call Nanenane Day. Today I am in the guesthouse together with Nancy, Revo, and the other kids.

At our school I have a friend whose name is Lilian John. I love her so much. She comes from Morogoro, a city without an ocean, and for now she is in grade 11. She will probably finish her secondary school next term when we are going to open the school again. She will be graduating on 17th October this year.

Love you all

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What Christina Received

In the past 4 months, I have received:

4 Counter Books
3 Exercise Books
5 Pencils
13 Pens
1 Ruler
1 Math Set
1 Wash Cloth
5 Body Soap
3 Tooth Brush
1 Large Tooth Paste
3 Vaseline (2 large)
3 Pants
4 Vest
2 Skintight
1 Powder Soap
7 Sanitary pads
1 Four Figure Book(Macmillan)
2 Graph Pad
1 Bar Soap
1 Shoe Polish
1 Back Pack
1 School socks
1 White socks
1 Shoe brush
3 Laundry soap

Thank You All.