Bennie’s Update 2019

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Bennie’s Blog (Summer 2019)

Hi guys,

In November 2017 I graduated secondary school education (ordinary level education in Tanzania). After there I completed a computer course with the help of the MAD organization for first three month of my long Holliday.  The month after this I went to a high school in Arusha called winning spirit, but MAD recognized that this was not a very good school. For that reason Theresa didn’t want me to go on with the school so she gave me the option to choose another school, but I was too late to get a nice high school and so I chose to go to college for pharmacy because I really enjoy pharmacy.

I am currently attending Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy, although I looked at a lot of pharmacy schools to attend, Kilimanjaro seemed like the best fit. I started my classes in October 2018 and I love it so much. First semester I had seven classes and it was very hard for me since I was just on my holiday and my brain was not working hard all the time. There were lots of assignments that I had to work on at all hours of the day. My favorite class was anatomy and pharmaceutical calculation. I got really good grades my first semester and I was very happy about it.

At school, I like playing and listening to music in my free time. My favorite sports are soccer(football). At the end of this past semester I had a small internship where I went to a fieldwork practical at KCMC. I worked as a pharmacist and I wrote a report to show my school. In school, I made some new friends as well.


School holidays

Hi guys
I’m now in form four which is grade eleven. I will be graduating in November. I’m very happy and so excited.
During our last holiday from school I was very happy because that I went to my home village. There I met my relatives and we had good time with them. We also had a Christmas celebration at MAD’s guest house with my fellow MAD students and we were very happy to see Mama Theresa together with her husband, Vivek and their son Henry. It was a very joyful holiday.

From this year our school holidays have changed whereby we will be having two long holidays in June and Dec of each year and two short holidays of about one to two weeks within the long holidays. My favorite subjects are all science subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I’m very good at Math in my class. I usually teach my fellow students and they love me because of teaching them so well


I Thank God I’m Alive

It’s another term again. We are now in the mid of the last term in form three (grade ten). I am very happy for that and I hope you are all fine. I thank God that I am still alive since January to date and during this month on October 13th I had my birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my classmate who was born on the same day. His name is Severine and we have been friends since form one.  At the end of the year all of the students who are part of Make A Difference get a party. I’m looking forward to that!

About my studies, during the first term on Easter holiday I had a B average. During August holiday, I had a B average.I have dropped slightly but I am really studying very hard to improve my performance.

The main reason for studying very hard is to make a difference in my own life, showing Mama Theresa and all who are supporting me that I can and I am not wasting their resources. I want Mama Theresa to be very proud of my performance so that she may send me to international school, the school which Revo attended. I love that school so much and Mama Theresa has promised to take me there if I will pass very well my form four national examination.





I want to make Mama Theresa very happy

Hi guys,
Another term is almost ending and we will soon have terminal examinations. I hope to do wonders in these exams, because I remember last year when I was in form two, I did well in my national examination. Not only me, but the whole class did well. The teachers and the headmistress felt very proud of us. I got 4 A’s, 4 B+’s and 1 C. The A’s were in Geography, Chemistry, Biology and English. The B+’s were in Civics, History, Physics and Mathematics and a C in Kiswahili.
In the last, when I was in my first term of form three in my terminal examination, i had a goal of becoming number one in my class, but I was number two because I had a weakness in Kiswahili, where I got a C. Because I knew my weakness, I have been working on it and I am sure I will improve in Kiswahili.
I have a short term goal of doing very well in my form four national exam, so I can make Mama Theresa very happy and she will take me to the International School of Moshi (ISM). I am very sure that I will try my best to improve in everything.
My long term goal has not changed, it is to become a doctor (surgeon). The reason I want to become a doctor is that I want to increase doctors in Tanzania, because in Tanzania there are very few skilled surgeons.
By Bennie
June 2016


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Being Promoted

Hi Guys!

I hope everyone is okay. I thank God for this year because he has protected us from different situations.

I have really enjoyed myself at my school environment. I like to spent my time reading books and writing my novels. I like making stories with my friends.

In September we had a graduation for Form 4 and we participated in different programs.

It is my pleasure to say that we have finished our Form 2 class and we are going to be promoted next year to grade 10!




What Benny Received

In the past four months I’ve received the following items:

1 Sun glasses
1 Back pack
1 Black belt
1 Math set
1 Sandals
1 Sports socks
1 Sports t-shirt
1 Eraser
3 Counter books
3 Exercise books
8 Pens
1 Sharpener
1 Ruler
1 Wash cloth
7 Body soap
1 Toothbrush
6 Small toothpastes
1 Laundry soap
1 Powder soap
1 Vaseline
1 Graph pad
1 Shoe brush
2 Small glue

Thanks everyone!


Form Two National Examinations

I am now at the MAD guesthouse. We have just closed the school today. We are here with Madam Nancy and Brother Revo.

We are very excited to close the school because we will go to our home village. We have missed our relatives so much. Also we have missed our mother, who is Theresa, a lot. We are very excited expecting that she is coming tomorrow.

In this term we received a group from Salesforce at Royal School. We had fun together playing basketball and taking some pictures. Salesforce helps in making our school better. They just left yesterday in the evening.

As a candidate of Form Two class, I am expecting a national examination immediately after opening the school. Therefore, this holiday I will be having tuition.


What Benny Received

In the past 4 months, I have received:

2 Boxers
2 Pencils
1 Pair of Sport Shoes
6 Counter Books
4 Exercise Books
8 Pencils
7 Pens
1 Eraser
6 Body soap
1 Tooth Brush
2 Toothpaste
4 Bars of Laundry Soap
1 Vest
1 Graph Pad
1 Large Vaseline
1 Pair School Shoes


Thank You All

Vaseline 1
Toothpastes 2
School shoes 1 pair
Body soap 4