Jonas’ Update 2019

Jonas's Card.jpg

Hello everyone,

I started my 1 year certificate program for Wildlife Management in October 2018. I am doing well in my studies and enjoying learning about wildlife. The classes I have taken have been very interesting, and included bird identification by their calls, sounds, and feather colors. I have also learned about the different mammals by their size, gender, horns, habitats, scat, feeding habits, and how they interact with the rest of the ecosystem. We also have learned about invertebrates (an animal without a backbone), which includes ¾ of the animals in the world. It’s also important to know the different plants and be able to identify them from the different environments, such as the savannas, deserts, and others.

I have also been learning communication skills to interact with the wildlife guests and visitors, as well as the different people in an office. This includes how to speak with people at the same rank or level as well as people at a higher level. I have also been learning the Microsoft Office suite, which I will use to help with counting the animals as well as tracking guests to the park.

This semester I have been learning about tour guiding, firearms, mathematics, ecology, field outdoor skills. I am learning how to take care of myself when I am out on patrol, wildlife law enforcement, and wildlife management for the protected areas, the parks, and game reserves. I will be doing a field safari in July and I am looking forward to it.

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