MAD & SFDC Volunteering, Volunteers of MAD

Day 5 Volunteering with MAD

Today we got off to an early start and walked the mile to the Moshi Community Centre. We met again with the 10 young women who recently graduated from the pilot MAD Computer Certificate program. This time, we gathered in the new lab we set up, which they will use to practice their computer skills in the future. The women are excited to be able to use the lab to continue to improve their skills.

We then each met with one of the young women to help them practice their English. It was a great opportunity to get to know them by collecting information about their background, family, living situation, education, exposure to computers and career aspirations. We had a wonderful time getting to know these young women better, learning how they feel the computer program will help them, and how much they enjoyed learning about computers. The information collected will be used to help improve the computer certificate program as we look to expand and offer it to more vulnerable girls in the future. As mentioned before, most of the young women had never used a computer before this certificate program.











Finally, we used the information we gathered from speaking with the women to help them create an example resume which shows their education and volunteer experience, computer skills and career plans. The women appreciated learning what a resume typically looks like and practicing their English. They also showed great interest in our lives back home and where we were from, and we enjoyed showing them pictures of our home



We then headed back to the guest house for another tasty but quick lunch from Flora. In the afternoon we went to one of the local orphanages run by Catholic sisters and donated art supplies and games to the children there in the orphanage. While there we learned about the hardships these children have to deal with and how difficult it can be for the sisters to locate the parents or any relatives of the children in their care. We closed out the night back at the guest house with a rousing game of Celebrity which featured clues as varied as Big Bird, Isaac Asimov, David Cameron, and Taylor Swift. Tomorrow is our last full day here at the Make a Difference guest house. We will all certainly miss the students and warm Tanzanian people who have extended such a warm karibu (welcome) to all of us during our stay.

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