Aya’s Summer in Syria


September 6, 2018

I had a very fun summer. I tried to implement what I learned in the US while I was at home. For example, I have never been on outdoor trips before coming to RIS, but as I liked it so much, I went on a 4-day backpacking trip with my friends. I also wanted to explore other parts of Syria so I went on trips with my family to places I have never been to before. I realized how loving and supportive my family and friends are. When I first came to the US, I spoke good English. However, I learned that no matter how well-spoken you are, you need to live in its society to have a better understanding of it. I knew English, but it definitely took me a while to know how to use it to communicate properly. I have never been to a zoo or a museum before in my life. There is a museum in Damascus but I have never been there. The educational system over there made people hate it outside of classrooms. So the educational nature of museums makes most people not even interested in going there. However, having more access to such opportunities makes it more exciting to go and see them. The education I am getting at RIS is awesome. It is so different than education in Syria. They may have some similarities in the taught curriculum but have a totally different aim and methodology of teaching. Also, the IB is so different than the American educational system. However, the IB is such a terrific program. Could be overwhelming but it is a fun and exciting process to me. The research, the adventurous nature of getting to know so many new things and all the different perceptions we consider making it so much fun. I think that a big difference lays in the limited access to technology usage in schools in Syria. Students are not allowed to have any devices on campus and are not taught how to use them for research purposes. I think that American students have a bigger chance of being innovative when it comes to projects. In Syria, it is all about homework and is way too practical that I feel like it deactivates the creative art of the brain.



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