Volunteers of MAD

Volunteering as a Family in Tanzania, Africa

How do you describe such a great day? We had our last full day in Moshi with Make A Difference Now. We were able to use the extra funds that came in from the book fundraiser to purchase more books for the Royal School (biology, commerce, and bookkeeping) and to assist a local public secondary school, the Rau School, that has many dedicated teachers and a head of school. In total, over 350 books were donated! Both schools said their priority needs were school books.

Unlike the US, the ratio of books to students is 1 for every 15 students now that students have new textbooks.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 9.53.02 PM

We bought up to 4 copies of each needed book and they are stored in a library. The students check them out and take notes to share with other students as a way to make the books help an entire secondary school. One copy is also used by a teacher. We are so grateful to be able to be the means by which you have shared your resources and kindness.

I’m also posting pictures of some of the friends we made in Moshi that made our trip possible. Janeth is the administrator (pictured with Yetta and Grace below) and has planned many details of our trip.


Pina is the cook and makes so many wonderful meals and has shown us how to make Tanzanian food! We will have to make it for many of you!

Stanley has accompanied us to many places and is a wonderful friend helping us to understand the culture and Swahili.

Paul is the driver and has taken us many places and offers us helpful advice. We have enjoyed playing board games in the evening with Revo. He is the oldest of the students in the program and he has accomplished much. He is presently in his Sophomore year at Duke University in South Carolina on a full ride scholarship. It’s been a pleasure to get to know him! Last, we are so thankful for Theresa Grant, who founded Make A Difference Now and has done such great work to both improve the lives of 26 students who have started off in poverty, but is also helping to improve schools in the area.


From here, we are headed on safari to see some wildlife and are looking forward to this part of our journey, but will miss our new friends in Moshi!


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