This is Pina.

This is Pina. 

The lovely Pina.

She was born in the Rombo-mashati village.

Some women are born with a mother’s heart. Pina is one of those women.

She has been creating a home of the MAD guesthouse for 9 years through gardening, cooking and sharing in the greatest medicine of all – laugher.

Her full name is Agrapina.

She is a devoted lover of Jesus.

Jesus’ entire life was centered around servanthood. Inviting others in as brothers and sisters. Placing himself last.

Paul said that Jesus, “Took the very nature of a servant”(Phil 2:7).

Pina reflects the actions of Jesus in this way. It is clear that it brings her great joy to serve others.

To bring them fresh lemongrass tea. To randomly leave the guesthouse and return with three massive avocados saying, “These are for you”.

To prepare fresh food every day. The best fresh food.

To prepare and tend to the garden.

To stay late in order to make sure the security guards have a warm meal.

She is continually giving. Serving. Blessing others with her presence and kickback laughter.

The very fact that I had to dive deeper into scripture to even write about this woman reveals who she is.

Pina was raised in a family of three girls and three boys.

She has raised one of sister’s sons and sent him to school. She has just eight years of schooling herself, from a local government school.

Her favorite thing about being a part of Make A Difference is that, “It helps kids make a stronger future.”

My last question for Pina was, “What is your dream?”

She said, “To have my own hotel and to be the cook there, and feed many people.”

Pina is always giving, serving and loving. She is invaluable to the MAD team here in Tanzania.  If you can, I recommend you come visit while you still have the chance to meet this joyous spirit.

You can check out MAD’s website and profiles of the children the sponsor by going to:

Words and photos by travel writer Emilee Struss, @emileemaestruss



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Make a Difference (MAD). An organization which provides quality educational opportunities to vulnerable children. #volunteer #scholarships #orphans #Africa
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