Arriving in Tanzania

Hello from Tanzania! My name is Emilee and I will be staying in Tanzania for three weeks volunteering with MAD.

I discovered MAD online when searching for nonprofits in Idaho. I currently live in Hailey, Idaho. I am a writer, adventurer and supporter of all things good. Make A Difference (MAD) Now is one of those really good things I’ve found.

Only two days in and I already feel like this place is home.

MAD’s guest house is very cozy. The cook, Pina, is sweet and lighthearted. She loves to talk and explain new Swahili words to me. We laugh together a lot.

Janeth, MAD’s local assistant, is a natural at making sure that you’re taken care of during your stay.

I also have the privilege of getting to know a former MAD student, Revo, that is doing an internship with MAD right now. He attends Duke University now. I am taking Swahili lessons from him, in fact, we just started those this morning!

This week, we will be meeting with the kiddos at Royal school. Tomorrow is sports day after school where I will get to see the kids play soccer! Soccer is very popular here so I suspect they will be pretty good.

I have been posting on my blog more intricate details:

And updating instagram about my daily events, feel free to follow along to see what a day looks like! @emileemaestruss and @gomadnow

Also, check out MAD’s Web site and learn how to become a volunteer by going to:



All the MAD students at Royal school







About gomadnowvolunteer

Make a Difference (MAD). An organization which provides quality educational opportunities to vulnerable children. #volunteer #scholarships #orphans #Africa
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One Response to Arriving in Tanzania

  1. Erika says:

    Emilee, I was just at MAD with my mother and daughters earlier this month and we had such a wonderful time, and miss everyone so! It’s really nice to see your pictures (the one with the students has the cards we made for them!) and to read your posts – you’re doing a wonderful job of capturing the personalities of all of the people we’ve come to love!
    Please let them know Erika, Sierra, Skye and Barbara are thinking of them!

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