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The Road Less Traveled; Poor African Village to Duke University

It’s not often that I experience pride. In fact, I’m not even sure I really knew what it was to be proud of myself or something I’ve been a part of until just a few months ago. First I became a parent and brought a healthy baby boy into the world with my loving husband and second, my organization, Make A Difference (MAD) was informed that one of our students we have helped raise and support for over ten years got into Duke University.  He came from a very poor village in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania.

Most Tanzanians don’t go to college, let alone get past the 8th grade in Tanzania. They are taught in their native language, Swahili,  yet a majority of their exams are in English which makes it extremely difficult to succeed. Higher education is a road less traveled. This is what makes Revo’s journey so extraordinary.

When in investing in the lives of students you never know who will go that extra mile. Revo did. He also spent countless nights staying up late and working hard. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Congratulations, Revo!   Continue reading “The Road Less Traveled; Poor African Village to Duke University”


My studies

It has been two years now since I started my advanced education, this was from July 2014 up to May 2016. I will be mistaken not to thank the Almighty God for the power He graciously gave me every hour in the two years. As you might know I pursued my advanced level education at Kibaha Boys secondary school. It was a challenging time so far in my life academically and socially. I was made to believe that from challenges people gain more knowledge and new ways to solve every day problems. As youth we are ought to understand that challenges are inevitable in life and we should not run away from challenges because escapism is not a problem solving technique.
Kibaha has been a place that I have leant a lot of things concerning education, life and my religion. It is a place where students are united as one cooperate to teach each other about the aspects mentioned above. We used to do group discussions were we world share ideas and find the simplest way of understanding concepts that seems difficult during personal studies. We were also able to teach each other about our faith and our religion.
I thank God that I was able to complete my advanced education well. We started our national examinations on 2nd of May and completed the exams on 13th may. I also thank God that I did my exams without having any health problem during the exams. I just pray that I pass well in my exams. The result will be out in July this year.
I am now looking forward to join University studies in late September this year. There are so many universities in Tanzania where I could pursue my studies but up to this time I believe I will be glad If I will be chosen to join Hubert Kairuki Memorial University which is found in Dar es salaam . It ranked number one medical university for providing quality education last year. It also contains a manageable number of students hence it becomes easy for effective studies and good interaction with professors.
There is also a hospital where students can carry out practical works and projects. Generally it’s a good university for medical university.
I still dream to become a Neurosurgeon. I know it needs a lot of studying, but I am well prepared and ready to study hard so I can attain what I wish for in my life.
I strongly believe that I will attain my dreams in the near future. I would also want to take this chance to thank all my sponsors, all MAD volunteers and the Administration of Make A Difference Now, Mama Theresa in particular for the support you gave me in my education and social life including health services and parental care. I will always be thankful to you all and I always pray for you.
May God bless you all!


Study in university

Hi everyone,
I am now at MAD house with Neema, Jackie, Subira, Deo and Edward having lunch together. I am now on holiday since the 7th of May 2016 and I have graduated form 6 (Advance level) on the 23rd of April 2016. I am now at holiday waiting for the result of the National Examination. Probably if possible I would like to study Taxation in university level and I would like to join IFM university in Dar-es-salaam or ITA university in Dar-es-salaam. For this moment I am at our village with my relatives and they are so excited for us to be together again.
I miss you very much and I would like to hear from you.
All the best
May 2016



I am in the village with my grandmother. My form four holiday was really nice. I had a lot of fun at home with my relatives. When the form four result came out, I was very happy that I passed well on my examination. I am going to join A level education at St Amedeus secondary school. I chose this school because it is in a good location. It has a good condition for studying. I am going to start classes on the 22nd of May. I am waiting to go back to school to have new friends.
In my holiday I was working with my grandmother in the farm. I also taught my young brother chemistry and biology.
I am going shopping to go back to school. Ready to start classes again. When I complete my studies, I will be working in community works.
By Edward
May 2016

Subira, Subirah's Blog

Family and college

Hello everyone.
Hope you’re doing good. I am good. I am at home since November 14th. I had a big problem in taking care of my grandfather, because he was seriously sick. Now we are sad because he passed away. Also I have applied for college at KCMC, Muhumbili and Tanga. I hope to join in October, when the results are out. I prefer more at KCMC because it’s near home. I am now taking care of my grandmother by helping her with cooking and washing clothes.
By Subirah
May 2016


Since I finished my ordinary level last year

Hello everyone.
How is everyone doing? I am doing well.
I have been so busy since I finished my ordinary level last year 14th Nov 2015. After I finished my ordinary level I just took a short break for two weeks, then I started my volunteering program at KCMC hospital. I did it for two months. I was helping in making files for patients, arranging their files in good order for later use and putting their records in the computer. After that I stopped, then I started to look for colleges. I have already applied for nursing and I am now looking forward to see the results which will be out in June. I hope they will be good and I expect to join college in October.
From Jackie
May 2016


“I am so happy..”

Hello everyone!
I am so happy because I have completed Advance level, which is grade 14.
It has been a long journey since I started to learn from grade 1 up to grade 14 and I thank God that I have completed well and I am expecting to have good results.
Right now I am on holiday and I am expecting to teach or do office work at the MAD house.
School life was a bit hard, but I struggled and worked hard to complete my goals and during the graduation ceremony I was given a present for best student in HGE class and also I was given a T-shirt as the best student in form 6. I thank God I have completed well and I am expecting to join university of Dar-es-salaam or Msumber university in October when the results are out.
Neema A. Temu
May 2016