Just Graduated

I hope you’re doing well! I am so excited because I just graduated! I am now finished with primary school. Hooray!

IMG_0121   I am on holiday until January. During this time, I am spending time with mama Theresa at the guest house. I have also been on a walking safari to a lake in Tanzania and Kenya with Salesforce, MAD’s assistants Frank and Grace, and Mama Theresa. It was my first time ever to leave my country! I can’t believe I went to Kenya for a few minutes!

Mama Theresa had a meeting with our grandparents on the 13th of September. My grandfather will be turning 70 soon. I will get to celebrate with him on the 23rd of September! I can’t wait!

At the Royal School, the school I will be attending for secondary school we are getting our first basketball court to play ball. I just got number 1 in races out of all the school. The races were in running! Juma got number 1 in football (soccer) at the school! I am doing well in English. I just got an 86%. My most difficult subject is Science, but I am getting tutoring to help me.

I have a cold right now. I’ve had it for a week and a half. Dada Pina at the guest house just made me ginger tea to help me. I hope I get better soon!

Please tell me how you are doing! I want to know!

Love, Upendo

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