Pray For Me

Hello guys! My time at the Intentional school was short but I made a lot of friends! The school is wonderful and the students are very social. I met people from different Nationalities with charming faces. Everybody welcomed me warmly. We were five people who had to do the interview. The first day we had an orientation which was about the scholarship, the school and the IB Diploma Programme. The next day we had a debate and the motion was “Internet causes more harm than Good”  I chose to propose the motion and I guess that side was the hardest one but we tried our level best! We then went for the interview which went well and I am now waiting for the results!   Please PRAY FOR ME!!!


With Mama Theresa


Hi friends!

I am at the MAD guest house with Mama Theresa, MAD’s Intern, Courtney, Deo, Revo, Christopher and Eliona. Deo is helping me with Blogging.

Today we, (class seven students) went for a trip at Marangu Waterfalls.  Marangu is a place near Himo and it’s always evergreen. Many tourists like visiting this place because it has a lot of antiquities which explain Chagga’s history. Before going to the waterfalls, we first went to the Chagga Caves where we saw sculptures of our first president; Mwalimu (teacher in Swahili) Nyerere and some of the local chiefs who were famous in the Kilimanjaro Region.

We then went to the waterfalls and it was long drop, but the plunge-pool was shallow. My friends went swimming but I didn’t go because the water was very cold. We then had our lunch which was delicious!

I have been very busy nowadays because we are going to sit for our first term examinations. I believe I will pass well in my exams! We are also happy to have a tutor for math and Deo, Revo, Neema and Omega have been helping us with our studies as well. We really appreciate their help and all that they have done for us.


Revo Helping Me with My Math Homework at the Orphanage in Himo

In September we will sit for our National Examinations then I will graduate in September this year and I can’t wait for that day!  I really want to go to secondary school. My brother (Shabani), is now at Tengeru Boys’ Secondary school where Deo and Revo studied. My cousin (Subira) went to a new school here in Kilimanjaro Region. Shabani will come back soon for Easter.  I will be happy to see him!

I wish you a Happy Easter. Stay blessed!


Christopher’s Grades

My name is Christopher. I am with Courtney at the MAD guest house. She is helping me with my blog. Today we will be watching movies. I am spending the night today and tomorrow we are riding bicycles.Today I enjoyed swimming at Marangu waterfall. It was fun. It was a school trip. My favorite part was in the cave because I like the story of the cave. The story says that during colonialism Chaggas and the Masai were hiding themselves in the caves in order to not be killed. They would hide their wives and children and animals here, and go to the war. In the fifteenth century, one mother called Makinuka became pregnant without being married. Her mother was the first to see her and her mother shouted “Oh god! Oh god! My daughter became pregnant without being married. People will kill her! People will kill her!” Her daughter decided to go to the waterfall. When she got there she started thinking and then she decided to go home and beg for forgiveness. But when she wanted to go home, she saw a leopard in front of her so she walked backward. She fell off of the waterfall and died.

My friend’s name is Bilali. He is in standard seven and is thirteen years old. I met him at school. We like to play football. He lives in Uchira. He likes to ride bikes. He father is a police officer and his mother is a farmer.

Below are my recent exam results from school:

Class Term1 Term2 Term3 Rank1 Rank2 Rank3
Math 77
English 54
Kiswahili 72
Science 60
Geography 50
Civics 46
History 54
Computer 67

Our grading scale: 81-100 =A, 61-80=B, 41- 60 =C, 31-40=D


Working On MAD’s Newsletter

Hi everyone! I am working on MAD’s next online newsletter with Neema, Omega, and Revo. We are learning how to use Constant Contact. Below is a picture of me interviewing the Headmistress of the Royal Junior School. I am talking to her about the library and technology center MAD is helping her school build. MAD matches every dollar that the School puts into their school! We will have more about this building project in our newsletter! Tonight I get to spend the night at the International School of Moshi. I am borrowing one of MAD’s digital cameras to take pictures of my experience. The School is interviewing me for a scholarship. I am praying that I get it!  Thinking good thoughts!



Excellent Performance On National Exams

Hello everyone,

I am now on a really long holiday. It’s been since November last year! My year has started really nicely and I am now with the younger kids at the house in Himo. I really enjoy spending time with them. I help them with their homework, other school responsibilities and sometimes I remind them about their chores. We play a lot of games and sports together; basketball is now my favourite. Mama Theresa just came in from the United States and it’s so nice to have her back. We had a welcome-back-home party yesterday evening for her. It was really cool and she liked it.

Revo playing basketball

Revo helping Juma with his homework

My national examination results  have been out since the 21st of February. I was really nervous before that date. I managed to get top scores at the school, my performance was excellent. It puts me in the second position after Deo.

I am currently taking computer classes with Deo, Omega and Neema who are actually with me in town as we update our Blogs.  We are learning how to better use Microsoft Word,  Excel,  and Publisher. We will eventually get to learn about PowerPoint and Access.  Additionally, I am trying to find a good school for my advanced level education with the help of Mama Theresa and Kaka Erasmus. Most of the schools open by mid July or early August. It is a really long wait until I go to school.

Omega, Deo and Revo in the MAD office in Moshi Town

At the house in Himo, I try to help the house moms with home chores and help the younger kids as I wrote earlier. Sometimes, just like today, I come into town to do anything that comes up at the MAD office or the guest house. I have been in the office several times with Erasmus when we were working on the school applications for advanced levels this year. The last time I was at the guest house, I got to spend time with Nancy and Debbie, two Make A Difference volunteers. We had a really good evening. It was fun! I wont forget the movie we watched together that night, ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. I loved it. It taught me that in life, we shouldn’t give up as long as there is something meaningful in what we try to achieve.

I expect to be spending more time at the house in Himo. There are a lot of other things that I do just to keep me busy in the house; reading novels, practising typing on the computer, drawing and sometimes writing letters to sponsors, volunteers and friends. I however hope to meet my relatives around April, during Easter. I really miss them. They are nice and it feels warm to be around them just as it is when I am at the house in Himo.



Applying At ISM

Hi friends! All of the kids here at the orphanage were extremely happy to see Mama Theresa. She arrived back home yesterday!  We had missed her a lot!  Well, I have been doing great since the last time I updated my Blog. I am now spending my holiday well and I am having a wonderful time. I am at the orphanage with my friends and we are helping the younger kids with their homework and all other everything related to their studies. Most of them are in grade seven and they will be siting for their national exams soon so we want them to pass exceptionally well. I have also been helping the house moms at the orphanage and I am happy to be with them because I used to be at school all the time. The  younger kids are exalted to have us around. They tend to miss us whenever we are gone. Before the 21st of February I was very nervous waiting for my national examinations results. By the way everyone who did the exam was nervous too because it is something that one can hardly keep him/herself from thinking about!  The results are finally out! My results were outstanding and I was thrilled to see them. I scored incredibly well, with an A average in almost all classes. It is very hard for most Tanzanian students to score this well. I had to congratulate myself first before anyone else could congratulate me!  : )  I also thanked God because He is the one who made it happen!  I now thank you all since I believe you were praying for me and you all have been a huge part of my success. I was happy to find out that I too had enough A’s for the classes I am planning to pursue in my further studies and eventually in higher school education: chemistry, biology, and physics. I recently went to Tengeru Boys’ Secondary School (my former secondary school) to collect my results which were required in order for me to be able to apply for a scholarship at the International School Moshi (ISM). This a very prestigious school with students from around the world. It’s also really expensive. I met my teachers and friends who were really happy to see me from the good results that I had scored and being the second student to have ever scored that high at Tengeru Boys Secondary School since the school started in 2005. I also met with some of the boys who are from the orphanage; Edward, Mwenda, and Shabani. They are all schooling there. They are all doing great and working hard on their grades. Mwenda told me that he has a problem with mathematics and promised me he would put more effort into it so he can pass his exams. I am now working on going to the International School  Moshi (ISM) for my Advanced studies. I will be going for an interview on the 20th and spending the night until the 21st of this month. I believe I will pass the interview!  I kindly ask you to pray for me so as I can do well with it! We are now doing computer classes at a computer center near our orphanage. We have already studied five computer programs and we always do a test after the end of every program. I am delighted to be studying computer classes! My friend and I are still working on a mathematics book which I talked about last time.  The book will be ready on Tuesday, 18th and after that I hope Mama Theresa will help us with publishing the book. I believe that the book will help Tanzanian students in their studies. This project will also help us generate a lot of money that can be used for our education.

My graduation from secondary school!  Revo and I received an award for 'Best Student in all Subjects'!



Did Well In National Exams

Hello everyone!

I am in Moshi town at the MAD office with Omega, Deo and Revo working with Mama Theresa and Erasmus.

The good news is that we have been on a long holiday learning computer lessons near our orphanage in Himo. We have also been helping the younger children with their home work and reading.

Also my national exam results are out and I have done very well. I thank God for his help!

My ambition is to become an accountant if God wishes. I want to work with companies and handle their accounts and financial matters as a career.

The other thing is our mama (mother) Theresa is back home in Moshi.  We warmly welcomed her yesterday and we were extremely happy to see her!

I have only a few days to complete my computer classes, after which school will begin.