Day 2 and Gratitude

Our second day of working on the library started with a scrumptious
breakfast of hash browns, eggs with tomatoes, sunflower toast,
mangoes, watermelon, passion fruit. We had a lot of work to do – paint
and plaster all the walls. Plastering is hard work, especially if you
want to get it perfect. And we had supervisors who wanted us to get it
right! To make sure that we get all the work done, Mwenda, Shabani,
Exuper and Innocent joined to help us. The day progressed steadily
with everyone diligently working at getting the job done.

After the school was done for the day, we also called it a day and
headed over to Kilimanjaro Kids. Theresa had planned a great evening
of fun and games with the whole group. The evening started with all of
us – the volunteers and the kids coming together in the living area.
The stage was set for all performers to show off their skills against
the backdrop of drums, courtesy Mwenda. Benny, Exuper, Juma, Peter,
Christopher, Upendo showed off their dancing skills. The adults were
not far behind – Sam’s cartwheels, Vanessa’s Egyptian walk and
Theresa’s Moonwalk added to the fun. Before moving the party outside,
we all had sodas with the kids favorite snack – Peanut butter with
chapatis. Following this was a small ceremony where Theresa gave
warrior blankets to Russell, Tim, Ema and Erasmus and Kangas to all
the women volunteers. A Kanga, a traditional Tanzanian dress, is a
colorful rectangular piece of cloth with a message, that is tied
around the waist and worn like a skirt. Theresa also gave special
gifts to Renate and Tim for making this trip possible and raising
money for the kids. The ceremony ended with the kids praying and
seeking God’s blessings for the volunteers.

Then the party continued out in the open with games, dances and
conversations. Theresa introduced the kids to their sponsors. We
didn’t even realize and soon it was the time to say our goodbyes to
the kids. With a lot of hugs and kisses, heavy hearts and unshed
tears, another best day ever came to an end. The kids have all carved
a special place in our hearts. They’ve all left behind their indelible
marks, eternally etched like footprints on our heart.


About gomadnowvolunteer

Make a Difference (MAD). An organization which provides quality educational opportunities to vulnerable children. #volunteer #scholarships #orphans #Africa
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