Swimming, Playing and Food!

Jambo! We had another great day in Africa. It seems like each day is the best day ever!

After another amazing breakfast from cooking duo Suzanne and Pina, we walked to the local pool to meet the children for fun in the water. We had races, played with beach balls and enjoyed the relatively mild weather by being in the cool water.

Then we all walked back to Theresa’s house for a wonderful lunch of pasta and salad. Renate had brought some brownie mix from the States – a new food for the kids – so there was much excitement and interest during the brownie making process. Silence descended on the house as we all ate the feast that Suzanne and Pina had prepared. The children helped clear the lunch dishes and then we played games, strummed guitars, took pictures, and did art projects. We all enjoyed spending time together and getting to know each other a bit more. One of the best moments was when Christina was teaching Tim to dance. Tim tried, I’ll give him that! There was also quite an intense game of Sequence, expertly narrated by Vanessa, that finally ended with a surprise move by team Inno and Ashwini.

Theresa drove the tired but happy kids back to the orphanage for the evening and the volunteers relaxed with an adults-only round of Sequence. Alexa, Vanessa and Debbie decided to go for a walk in the nearby town. They learned a valuable lesson about how quickly the sun goes down in Tanzania as it got pitch black before they made it home, and Theresa and crew had grown concerned and went out looking for them. Oops! All was forgiven when everyone made it home safely, and we enjoyed yet another fantastic meal together.

Shortly after dinner, the power went out, leaving us with only a solar battery powered bulb for lighting. We sat in the dim dining room, listening to stories from Theresa about the children, until the bulb started to fail. Most went to bed early, though a stalwart few lit some candles and stayed up. Exhausted but happy, we all rested to prepare for the next exciting day in Africa.


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Make a Difference (MAD). An organization which provides quality educational opportunities to vulnerable children. #volunteer #scholarships #orphans #Africa http://www.GoMADNow.org
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