Life changing adventures from Tanzania – Taylor Mahar

I happened to be browsing through a travel magazine and came upon a website that has a connection with MAD. What started as a general inquiry into a possible trip to Africa became an unforgettable journey that has left part of my heart and soul in Tanzania.

I first came last year, really not knowing what to expect. Now my second trip is coming to a close and I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to these amazing kids again. A smile from Upendo and Gift, a hug from Peter, a mischievous grin from Jonasi, a shy look around the corner from Joseph, a sarcastic joke from Eliona, a belly laugh from Christina….these memories will stay with me always. The spirits and personalities of these children are so inspiring. It is incredible what they have all been through in their lives, and how they have unconditional love for all of the volunteers that visit. They have no expectations, no judgement, no bitterness, no anger or resentment. If only we could all be a little bit more like the MAD kids.

So here I am, about to leave another part of my heart and soul in Tanzania. I hope to be back soon; not to pick up any of the pieces I’ve left here, but to leave more behind.


About gomadnowvolunteer

Make a Difference (MAD). An organization which provides quality educational opportunities to vulnerable children. #volunteer #scholarships #orphans #Africa
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