Volunteers of MAD

Refections on a 6-Month Life Changing Internship in Africa


Being able to spend such a long and rewarding time with the children provided me with a different perspective that I think many short term volunteers do not get to experience. I was very fortunate for this opportunity, and know that there are not too many people who can say they were given the chance that I was. I will miss the good times I shared with the kids at Kilimanjaro Kids Care.

One of the most important things that I learned in Tanzania was the general structure and operations of a non-profit organization.I appreciate everything that Make a Difference has made possible for me and the once in a lifetime opportunity. I will miss the kids very much and all of the volunteers that I met during my time there. I will of course miss Theresa as well, she is a wonderful woman with an incredible vision and has done a terrific job creating this program. I look forward to any help that I can provide to the organization in the future and know that the kids will go on to do great things and become outstanding adults in their community.

– Kyle Taylor,

Make A Difference Marketing Communications Intern


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