First Impressions

Zoe Hartman


When I came here I was expecting to be living off the meager supply of granola bars i managed to stuff in my bag last minute. I was also expecting to be taking bucket showers and having to walk miles every day. Now that I’m here I think my body knew what to expect more than my brain did. I packed the night before i left and i wasn’t all that nervous and it turns out i didn’t need to be at all. Moshi has turned out to be a whole lot like the town I left, if not better 🙂

At home we have a farmer’s market that goes on every Wednesday and Saturday. It takes up about half a block and lasts from 10AM-2PM. Our tiny market can’t even begin to compete with the food market here. Besides the obvious size difference (the market here in Moshi stretches on forever) it also goes on almost all day, every day. Then, you have to consider the foods. What do you think tastes better; tiny “organic” apples from a town in north Idaho where there are only three months of summer (if you’re lucky) or bananas that grow EVERYWHERE in a place where the weather is perfect for fruits and veggies to ripen. You don’t even need that sticker that reminds you that something is “all organic” because you can just look to the cornfield on your left, or the coffee beans up the road and know where everything is coming from.

Although this new town is a lot bigger than my hometown it still has a small town feel to it and although it’s a lot different due to it’s different language, customs and traditions, I still can’t help but feel like it’s a whole lot like my own little old Sandpoint, Idaho.


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